Honey Mead & Rose Wine Yeast

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Make amazing Madhu Honey Mead and Floral Wines. These yeast have a 15%+ABV tolerance and more than 6 months shelf life

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, ideal for fermenting high alcoholic Honey mead wine. These are dry yeast can ferment unpasteurized forest-honey. This mead wine yeast has a very high alcohol tolerance (13-15%) and high-temperature tolerances (20-35 C) making them suitable for Indian conditions as compared to low-temperature European conditions. Dosage 0.5-1gm per liter.

Honey mead is very delicate and requires only a trace amount of spices. Do experiment with rose (petals and hips) and other floral infusions to get a variety of colors and aromas. Possible substitutions ICV-D47


  1. Remember to hydrate the yeast before adding in 5% sugar solution.
  2. Many commercial honey is adulterated with inverted syrup or rice syrup which makes nail polish smelling wines. Try to collect fresh unprocessed honey from a trusted source.

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  1. Ankur (store manager)

    perfect with unpasturized honey

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