Save cost by DIY homemade healthy organic probiotic foods. They improve your gut fauna with our range of non-alcoholic offerings of Lacto-fermentation. Ideal for Ketogenic (keto) diets, gastric problems, and those recovering from infections. Our food is laced with antibiotics (especially milk, dairy, and meats) which

Choose from a wide variety of Rice Sake, Kombucha tea, Tempeh, Toddy & Miso. Ideal for Keto diet, healthy gut, and gastric problems. fight antibiotics, improve the health and immune system. Probiotics are the affordable superfood. Arishtam sells ingredients for most Asian, Chinese & Japanese non-alcoholic ferments.

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      • Ginger Ale Yeast

      • 100
      • No need to wait for a week to develop your own ginger bug. Just mix some ginger, sugar and this yeast to make a wonderful ginger ale in 2-3 days. Generates up to 15% Alcohol (Grate some ginger, add 200gm of sugar, some lime and 1 Liter of water and keep it under airlock for 4 days for the magic…
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      • Kombucha SCOBY

      • 800 550
      • Order Kombucha Tea Starter Culture (also known as a SCOBY, Mother, or Mushroom). It is a leathery, pancake-like blob also called pellicle that can be used to make kombucha tea at home over and over again. No need to buy bottled kombucha anymore. If you like flavored kombucha readout Kombucha Secondary Fermentation Guide.
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      • Miso Starter Koji: Asian Cuisine

      • 175
      • One pack of lab-cultured spores is good for 1kg of Miso or legumes. Ideal for those on the keto diet. It can convert any legume into high protein and yet easy to digest food. It is also a good nutritional soup thickener that can give the characteristic Umami flavors to your Asian cuisine.
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      • Tempeh Koji Starter Culture

      • 175
      • Homemade sugar-free protein bars for Keto diet. Aspergillus oryzae spores for tempeh Indonesian probiotic food. Low Calorie, high protein keto diet, DIY fermented food from Indonesia. 8gm pack is good for 1kg of boiled soybean or any legume.
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      • Mother of Vinegar

      • 500
      • Mother of Vinegar also known as Mycoderma aceti. It is composed of cellulose and acetic acid bacteria and is used to make Vinegar Cider at home. Ideal if you like homemade unpasteurized, unfiltered cider vinegar in the morning.
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      • Kombucha Continuous Brewing System

      • From ₹5,613 --
      • Ideal for budding entrepreneurs who want to scale for a 2-3 Liter batch to a commercial  27-55Liter batch. Also, it has the oxygenation wand that is used to keep the Alcohol content below 0.3%. Wort Chiller is a must-have tool to save hours spend in watching the tea cool down. Do check out our sanitization kit and canning machine.