Story of Arishtam

Fermentation is an art that predates civilization. Mead is older than huts made by primitive men. Farming was first undertaken to get a year-round supply of beer. Our Vedas are full of various recipes and insights of perfecting this art. Arishtam is a branch of Vedic Ayurveda that talks about using alcohol as a delivery vehicle for medicines and curing ailments. Arishtam is a natural solvent that readily absorbs. Hence it is able to extract the medicinal properties from herbs. Also the alcohol can mask tastes of the concoction much more effectively than boiled sugar syrup. This makes arishtam the preferred form of medication.


We are passionate food artisans first. And shopkeepers second. Our product selection is finely crafted. We have assorted imported articles from Germany, UK, USA, India, Singapore, Czech Republic, Argentina, New Zealand & China. We are dedicated to the mission of helping individuals and enthusiasts to source affordable and quality product and help them make their own signature craft brew. Our real passion lies in reviving Indian Vedic brews. 

​We also do conduct workshops and tailor-made experience journeys for our patron’s needs and aspirations. If you have any queries around any aspect of fermentation and healthy living do reach our to us. This includes not only fermenting at home or professionally tasting brews but also probiotics like pickles, cheese, curd, vinegar, kombucha, kefir, Sauerkraut, idly/dosa batter or bread. We are also in the experimental stage of a minimalist healthy lifestyle which includes vermicompost, indoor gardening, hydroponics, and creating a healthy biome and gut bacteria. Do reach to us through our recipe or email and we will be happy to help.

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