Turbo Yeast: Sugar Wash

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Fast fermenting high alcohol ethanol-producing yeast (17%+ ABV). Ideal for high gravity, high-temperature mash, and pot stills. All yeasts have more than 6 months of shelf life to expiry.

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Turbo yeast is ideal to make sugar-wash wine, Wine from Tetra Pack Juice or toddy.  Distiller yeast, moonshine yeast or sugar wash yeast are other names of turbo yeast.


1-3 gm per liter (more yeast faster action or 30-hour wine and sugar wash)

Turbo yeast is an active dry yeast. It is famous for its high alcohol and temperature tolerance. This dual function yeast is complete with needed nutrients important to ferment your wine.

5gm yields 5 liters of wine or toddy or sugar wash alcohol in 3 days. It can produce as much as 17-20% percent alcohol and can be brewed at high temperatures (25-35 degrees Celsius) without generating esters or off-flavors. The rotten smell that comes with traditional bakers yeast are not an issue in this case. For fermenting starch and grains, please use some amylase in conjunction.

Pinching temperature for Turbo Yeast Wine

Room temperature (25 degrees Celsius).
Add 1/2 a gm of yeast nutrient and 2 teaspoons of priming sugar for best result during pinching.

High alcohol Turbo Yeast flocculates automatically after fermenting. Hence, it can prepare an alcoholic wine in 3 days without giving any yeasty flavors or yeast haze that are associated with young wines. However, a bit of pectinase and bentonite slurry during the start of fermentation will accelerate the process really well. This yeast is maltose negative and cannot be used for fermenting cracked corn and other starch ferments.

Possible substitutions Alcotec Turbo yeast.

FAQ (5)

Bread yeast is selected to leaven (raise wheat-based dough), produce a lot of CO2 in a life span of 4-6 hours, and die off. Wine yeast is created in a lab and selected for its ability to produce high alcohol in adverse conditions (like no oxygen, low pH/acidic environment, and high sugar concentration). Yes, you can ferment ethanol with bread yeast, but to make quality wine you would need a special wine yeast.

Wine yeast will produce high ethanol (ferment dry without residual sugar or sweetness), does not produce off-flavors, and bring out the best color and aromas from your grapes and fruits. For more details, please refer to this tutorial 

Turbo yeast is a special strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that is genetically selected owing to its various abilities like:

  1. Fast action. It can make 17-20 % alcohol in 3-7 days (compared to 1 month for a traditional winemaking process)
  2. It is better suited for summers (high-temperature brewing of 20-30 degrees Celsius without producing off-flavors or hangover inducing higher fuel alcohols.
  3. High inoculation and cleaner crisp taste. The resulting ferment will not taste bready and the yeast will die off and settle in the bottom automatically without the need of fining agents (egg, isinglass, or bentonite) to clear the wine.
  4. It is also preferred by distilleries because of ethanol production for neutral spirits. However, please check the local permits and laws needed for moonshine stills before trying to distill whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, or brandy at home.
  1. Use extra yeast (3gm per liter will ferment twice as fast as 1 gm per liter. With turbo yeast, you can ferment 18-20% in 3 days.
  2. Maintain the temperature between 20 to 25 degree Celsius
  3. Add a little quantity of sugar syrup daily rather than all at once. If your recipe calls for 210 gm of sugar per liter, add 70 gm daily for 3 days rather than 210 gm on the first day. This will prevent the dehydrating effect of sugar from slowing down the yeast metabolism.
  4. Always hydrate the yeast for 15 minutes at room temperature water (less than 30 degree Celsius temperature) so that it hits your wine running.

Typically bottled home brew beer has a shelf life of 6 months. However, most home-brew beer is consumed within a week to a month of bottling or kegging. However, some people regularly store homebrew beer for up to 6 months successfully. Beyond this, the beer is still safe for consumption, just that it will not taste fresh. However, a couple of factors need to be taken into account to determine the shelf life.

  1. Storage temperature: Beer is like wine, higher the temperature the faster is the degradation in flavors.
  2. UV light: Even a couple of hours in direct sunlight can ruin a perfectly fresh beer
  3. Packaging: Microbrewery Growlers don’t last 2 days because the beer was oxidized during filling. If you see packaging in proper crown sealed glass bottles or stainless steel kegs, 6-12 months life is easy
  4. Oxidation: Once you open the bottle, drink within an hour.

Sugar + yeast + no oxygen => Ethanol

Converting sugar into alcohol/wine or ethanol is one of the simplest and oldest food transformation possible. Read about our toddy wine to get the detailed recipe. Essentially, you would take 200gm of sugar in 1 liter of water. Boil it and cool it to room temperature. Then add 1-3gm of hydrated turbo yeast and cover it with an airlock. In 2-3 days the fermentation will be complete. Check the hydrometer to measure the extent of fermentation. The specific gravity would drop from 20% BRIX to 0 Brix indicating all the sugar has converted to alcohol.

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65 reviews for Turbo Yeast: Sugar Wash

  1. Srinivas Rao Vangara (verified owner)

    Thank you, ur the best

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  2. Venkatesh K L (verified owner)

    I have used turbo yeast on sugar wash of 20l, and have added enough sugar to achieve 20% Alcohol, its been 8 days, it started bubbling slowly but after 24 hours its been bubbling like 1 bubble a second, still its bubbling 1 bubble a second and there is foaming on top of the liquid and can see new bubbles coming up in foam also. So the yeast is not as fast as advertised but the way its still going strong the alcohol resistance seems high. I do not want to disturb the wash. Hopefully will reach at least 18% ABV and given the slow fermentation the resulting alcohol should be clean and devoid of off-flavours. Will keep posted once done.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Ankur (store manager)

      Dear Venkatesh. Yes the yeast in Arishtam are chosen for their ability to minimize the off flavors and hangover that is typically associated with Indian traditional ferments.

  3. Kamal (verified owner)

    Performed as expected, being a turbo yeast we assume it to be enriched with neutrients, just one suggestion that there should be a lable on the pack, mentioning what neutrients were added to the yeast, so that we can adjust other vitamins, and DAP, at the time of pitching.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Ankur (store manager)

      sir thank you for the feedback. We will try to upgrade the packaging with these instructions

  4. Gursheesh Singh (verified owner)

    Hey there,
    I bought turbo yeast from you and first three trials of using them were failures. Maybe because it said on packet to hyderate it and i hyderated it then i read somewhere on internet to never hyderate a turbo yeast. So then I tried pitching it in directly into fresh pineapple juice (as my first 3 sugar wash didn’t work, so i thought it was a nutrient deficiency) this time it worked but real slow. It took like 10 days for it to stop bubbling and it bubbles real slow contrary to the stories that i heard what magic alcotec 48 does. Then I thought to reuse it and walah, it took longer than 2 weeks (maybe 3 weeks and it still doest taste dry or clear) to actually sediment and lessen the hazaziness to the point of not gulping yeast water. And I had temperate near 30° and target abv of 12% . I wonder what went wrong. Can you help me out here

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
    • Ankur (store manager)

      sir can you do a cold crash. https://www.arishtam.com/what-is-cold-crash/home-brew-tutorials/ that will help you clear the wine really fast.
      for the time taken. 2 weeks is unusually long. what was the specific gravity reading after 3-5 days and how many grams of yeast you used per liter of wine

  5. DSouza (verified owner)

    Correction to the previous star rating.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Ankur (store manager)

      thank you sir

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