Arishtam 15%

15% Strong Alcohol ₹100/- Now Available in Dehradun & Mussoorie

Primary Flavours


Indulge in the simplicity and joy of our Ginger Wine – an affordable, hassle-free delight that outshines the rest! 🍷 This Distinct blend of Ginger, Honey, Salt, and Cummin is crafted without artificial colors, synthetic flavors, harmful spirits, or artificial additives, ensuring a smooth, bitterness-free experience unlike traditional beer. With a unisex appeal, it effortlessly caters to both genders, making it the go-to choice for the youth seeking a straightforward and casual drink. Enjoy the freedom from hangovers and lingering alcohol smells. Elevate your sipping experience with us – where simplicity meets unmatched satisfaction! 🌟

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No Hangover (no Spirit added 100% Naturally fermented alcohol)
  • No Synthetic Colors
  • No Artificial Flavors or Essence

Taste Profile

Fruity Aroma

Taste Summary

Indulge your senses in the enchanting experience of our Ginger Wine—a harmonious blend of natural sweetness, a moderate 15% alcohol content, and a perfectly balanced ginger kick. Immerse yourself in the rich and aromatic notes, as the mild spiciness unfolds with every sip. Discover the subtlety of fruit undertones that add to the overall complexity. Crafted without artificial additives, our wine embodies the essence of pure ginger, delivering a smooth, hangover-free experience. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing beverage with a touch of warmth or a delightful alternative to traditional options, our Ginger Wine promises a journey of flavor that is both unique and satisfying. Cheers to a taste that transcends expectations!

Food Ideas

Drinking Party Ideas with Arishtam Wine

  1. Momos Harmony:
    • Pair with veg or non-veg momos to enhance the ginger kick and aromatic notes. The mild sweetness complements the savory filling.
  2. Garhwali Gastronomy:
    • Enjoy with Garhwali classics like Aloo Ke Gutke or Gahat Ki Dal, Pahadi Mutton, letting the ginger undertones mingle with the rich regional flavors.
  3. Tandoori Chicken:
    • Indulge in the perfect harmony of flavors as the fruity notes of our ginger wine complement the succulent and aromatic essence of tandoori chicken. The crisp and refreshing qualities of the white wine create a delightful contrast, enhancing the overall dining experience with a burst of delicious synergy.
  4. Kebab Soiree
    • Indulge in the Pahadi charm by pairing with local kebabs and tandoori Tikka. The moderate alcohol content complements the smoky essence of the grill.
  5. Chaat Delight:
    • Experience a burst of flavors with Dehradun’s chaat varieties. The sweet and spicy notes of the wine harmonize with the tangy chaat elements.
  6. Bakery Bliss:
    • Elevate your tea time with Ginger Wine paired with local bakery delights like Rusks or Walnut Cakes. A symphony of sweetness awaits.
  7. Cheese Affair:
    • Curate a local cheese platter featuring regional cheeses. Let the ginger notes enhance the cheese’s richness for a sophisticated pairing.
  8. Dessert Symphony:
    • Conclude your meal on a sweet note by pairing with local desserts like Bal Mithai or Singodi. The sweet and spiciness of the ginger ale wine cocktail adds a delightful twist. This holi, try Ginger wine along with Gujia and Thandai.
  9. Pakora Fiesta:
    • Transform rainy days with the classic pairing of Ginger Wine and hot, crispy pakoras. The warmth of the wine complements the crunchiness.

Pairing Guide


Mild Spicy, sweet, and warm notes of Arishtam Ginger wine go well with almost all snacks and Chinese food esp Veg & Non-Veg Momos, Garhwali Cuisine (Aloo Ke Gutke, Jhangora Ki Kheer, or Gahat Ki Dal) Pahadi & Tandoori Kebabs, Chaat, Sweets (Bal Mithai, Singodi, or Arsa) and Bakery Delights, Cheese Platter and Pakoras

Mood & Ocassion

Designed to take the stress away. This Ginger Wine will help you forget the stress, hustle and hubris of daily life, at least for an evening. It is ideal for celebration of a date, meeting or festivals like holi with your best friend or date.

This wine helps enhance the flavors of various cusine. A simple dal-roti-sabji meal can be spruced up when you open a bottle of wine (or two). As a social lubricant a wine helps take a date from two strangers exchanging ice breakers to bonding and spending quality time together.

In social settings, alcohol consumption can provide a temporary escape from everyday concerns, encouraging individuals to focus on the present moment and enjoy the company of others.

Toasting with alcohol is a long-standing tradition in many cultures, symbolizing goodwill, celebration, and shared moments of joy. Both dates and office parties and important events can be made memorable once wine starts flowing.


  1. Natural 15% Alcohol with Wine yeast and not fortified wine that uses Spirit
  2. Ginger from Agrakhal Tehri
  3. Citrus Peel
  4. Black Salt
  5. Jeera aka Cummin
  6. Honey Like Sweetness

Find in Store Near You

Due to regulatory reasons and excise policy, we are unable to ship you Arishtam Wine. However you can pick up a bottle from the following Wine Shop, Bar and Restaurant near you.


This sweet wine with spicy ginger, freshness of citrus rinds, and balance of salt makes it a unique bouquet of offerings that pairs with a variety of tastes and cuisines.

Sip into a world where Himalayan Zest Ginger Wine becomes the ultimate social lubricant, effortlessly connecting hearts and conversations. As the ginger-infused elixir flows, barriers fade, and two friends or date will find themselves immersed in endless dialogue. Let the rich, aromatic notes ease the stress and hustle of daily life, creating a haven for shared moments and genuine connections. With every sip, barriers dissolve, laughter resonates, and the ambiance transforms into a sanctuary where bonds are forged and memories are crafted. Himalayan Zest Ginger Wine: where conversation flows as smoothly as the wine itself, inviting you to savor the joy of connection.


If you still have a question, write in the comments section and we will get back to you.

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In mild quantities, Vedic Wine is a healthy refreshing drink. Vedas call Arishtam as Sidhu.

Wine in Ayurveda

जरणीयो विबन्धघ्नः स्वरवर्णविशोधनः । लेखनः शीतरसिको हितः शोफोदरार्शसाम्॥

Ca. Su. 27 /185

Apakwa rasa sīdhu (sugarcane wine made without boiling) is a digestive, laxative. It improves swara (voice) and varna (skin color). It does lekhana (weight loss) and is useful in sopha (swelling of joints/ arthritis), udararoga (Abdominal diseases, digestion, and gastric ailments), and arśas (piles or constipation).

तद्वत् पक्वरसः शीधुर्बलवर्णकरः सरः । शोफघ्नो दीपनो हृयो रुच्यः श्लेष्मार्शसां हितः॥(Su. Sū. 45/184)Pakwa rasa sīdhu improves bala and varna. It is sophaghna, agnidīpaka, hrdya, rucikāraka and is useful in kaphaja arsas.

The 9 Health Benefits of Vedic Wine are:

  1. It eliminates stress and body pains. Nothing better than a pitcher of Vedic Wine after a day of hard work in the fields
  2. It helps fight against cholera and water-borne diseases. fermentation eliminates bad bacteria and purifies the water in the beverage. That is why buttermilk, pakhala, Arishtam and toddy are safe drinks to have in places where waterborne diseases are rampant.
  3. It is Diuretics. Which means it improves kidney function. It helps restores the necessary osmotic balance in the body. Also, it flushes your bladder and kidney by promoting urination. Arishtam and Toddy drinkers have pale straw-colored urine.
  4. Wine prevents sunstroke by reducing the body’s metabolism rate (thanda food) and hydrating it.
  5. No preservative, no chemicals, no sugar. That is why it is better than any commercial hard drink and packaged soft drinks
  6. Wine helps to preserve and promote Indian Culture & Traditions
  7. It is probiotic and aids in Digestion. Wild fermentation from the terracotta pots helps restore the good bacteria in the gut. This good bacteria helps eliminate constipation, gas and other gastric
  8. It is rich in Vitamin B. The yeast of Toddy is the richest source of Vitamin B-12 for a vegetarian.
  9. It Promotes Weight Loss. Never heard of Wine elly? Well, it is one of the lowest-calorie nutritional drinks available in the market. Fermentation takes out the sugar and leaves you with the goodness of fruit juice.

That being said, Arishtam recommends moderate consumption for recreational purposes only. Drinking in excess or for intoxication will damage your liver and general health.

Amazing Health Benefits of Palm Wine || Thati Kallu Benefits || Toddy
Amazing Health Benefits of Palm Wine || Thati Kallu Benefits || Toddy
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Ginger Wine and Rhodo Wine is Alcoholic. Most wines have an alcohol content between 10-13% but Arishtam Wine has up to 15% Alcohol Content. This means that a 200ml bottle of 15% Wine is equal to 70ml of Old Monk/Whiskey which typically has 42.5% ABV Alcohol. (more than one large peg or two small pegs)

Ginger Ale on the other hand is like Apple Cider. It can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. By default, popular brands like Schweppes are non-alcoholic cold drinks. Similarly, most apple ciders are non-alcoholic and a lot of vinegar brands sell under Apple Cider.

Even the ginger ale that are alcoholic are typically based on beer recipes which means that it is 5% to 8% strong. Ginger wine on the other hand is 2-3X stronger alcohol.

  1. Authenticity of Ingredients:
    • Natural wine is made from yeast, real fruits, flowers, natural spices and quality ingredients. Instead of adding spirit, a very complex detailed process of adding yeast and fermentation is used. This stands in contrast to fortified wines in India that use rum. RTD beverages are made with synthetic flavors, while natural wine uses more authentic and traditional winemaking approach.
  2. NO Artificial Additives:
    • The use of Rum, artificial colors, and synthetic flavors in fortified wines and RTD beverages may deter individuals who prioritize natural and unadulterated products. Natural wine, with its minimal additives, can be seen as a purer and healthier option.
  3. Lower Caloric Content:
    • While RTD, LAB, and fortified wine add calories to your drink by adding sugar and spirit. Arishtam Wine on the other hand uses fermentation. This converts the sugar from the fruits to alcohol. Hence a better choice for those aiming to moderate their calorie intake while still enjoying an alcoholic beverage.
  4. Environmental Friendly:
    • Natural wine, unlike sugar mills are environmentally friendly. There are no chimneys, no foul smell or even water discharge. Unlike the ecological impact of mass-produced beverages that use synthetic additives, the wine is a very environment friendly industry.
  5. Emphasis on Terroir and Tradition:
    • With Ginger from Agrakhal, Buransh (Rhodo) from Valley of Flowers, Khumani (Apricot) from Kumao, Anjeer (Bedu Figs) from Rudraprayag and Malta (Citrus peels) from Pauri. Arishtam Wine is using quality ingredients from all across Uttarakhand and helping revive its wine culture. That is why it appeals to consumers who appreciate a deeper connection to the land and the cultural heritage of winemaking.
  6. Diverse Flavor Profiles:
    • Arishtam wines, from Ginger, Rhodo, Anjeer, Apricot have much diverse and unique flavor profiles, offer a range of taste experiences that may attract those seeking a departure from the standardized flavors often found in rum-based RTD beverages.
  7. Support for Local Producers:
    • Natural wine, typically associated with smaller, artisanal producers, may attract consumers who wish to support local businesses and appreciate the craftsmanship involved in the winemaking process.
  8. Higher Alcohol Content 15%:
    • The quality ingredients and manufacturing process leads to a smoother and cleaner alcoholic kick. Natural wine is preferred by those who seek a more moderate and session-able drinking experience compared to rum-based fortified wines.

Preferences for ingredients, authenticity, health-conscious choices, and environmental values makes natural wine a luxurious beverage for your evening.

Switch from “QUALITY over QUANTITY” and drink in Moderation to create a culture of mindfulness and responsible Zero Hangover. Here is a step by step guide for college students, youth, bachelors and recreational drinkers to have a great evening without the nastiness of morning after.

  1. Anything in excess is addictive and harmful: Switch from QUALITY over QUANTITY. From Spirits with 40-45% alcohol to lower-alcohol beverages like wine and beer that keep you hydrated instead of dehydrating you.
  2. Check the Labels and watch out for terms like “FORTIFIED”, “BLENDED”, AND “ADDED ETHLY ALCOHOL”. Natural alcohol on the other hand gives a smoother kick with less nastiness.
  3. Stay away from Brands that use SYNTHETIC FLAVORS, ARTIFICIAL COLORS, CHEMICALS and ESSENCES. The world is moving towards organic food, why not your beverage?
  4. Check the Manufacturing Location. If your alcohol is made in a sugar mill, then you know RUM and MOLASSES are used rather than fruits, flowers, and other natural ingredients. Quality ingredients and processes make quality products.
  5. Stay Hydrated, Drink Water, Juices, and Cocktails instead of spirit. more water is there in your system, the faster the body will metabolize and neutralize alcohol and keep you hangover-free
  6. Eat Food & Drink in moderation: That is why Arishtam publishes a long list of wine pairing guides. Momos, Tandoori Chicken, Pahadi Food, Chaat, Pahadi Thali, and Pakode are great company for any evening party. They absorb the alcohol and release the digestive juices. Keep you and your friends safe.
  7. Dates and Parties are for Bonding and not Games: Avoid drinking games and focus on quality conversations. Don’t let peer pressure force you into drinking or smoking or unprotected sex.
  8. Set an alarm and book your cab before hand. By limiting your duration (Curfew time) of drinking, you can stay connected with your friends without the intoxication of excessive drinks. Don’t Drink and Drive. Use Cabs Instead.
  9. Respect Boundaries: Don’t force your date into drinks. Alcohol does not make you cool.
  10. Peer Support: One of the biggest reasons Cigarette habits are hard to break, is because Cigarette needs no occasion and is often consumed Alone. Similarly, try to do only SOCIAL DRINKING instead of risking drinking alone. This limits the options, opportunities and quantity.

To summarize, focus on natural alcohol, free from chemicals and drink quality beverages in moderation. This is the best cure for HANGOVER.

Your food and vegetables are going organic, but why does your favorite drink still have Chemical Essence, Artificial Colors, and Synthetic Flavors?

Not only chemicals are harmful to your health and Liver, but you end up paying 3X because:

1X because: Synthetic (or nature identical colors and flavors) are added only to products that are of poor quality ingredients.

2X because: The cost of these chemical turds will be paid by the consumer. Both in the price of the product and its health implications.

3X because: The only reason the manufacturer adds these chemicals is so that they can fleece you by charging extra and make extra profits.

Some Indians drink only imported spirits and whiskey because they believe foreign manufacturers have better ingredients and production process. If you want to consume quality drinks and beverage, then Check the labels, visit the manufacturer’s facility, check the social media feed. You don’t have to waste money on imports when there is a Vedic Arishtam right next to you.

Wine, Beer and Alcohol have been part of our Vedic and ancient traditions. It is a very simple natural production process which has been practiced since last 5000 years.

GINGER BEER Alcohol in 5 mins l Ginger Ale l Simple home made beer and wine ARISHTAM INDIA
GINGER BEER Alcohol in 5 mins l Ginger Ale l Simple home made beer and wine ARISHTAM INDIA
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The Elegance of Arishtam Ginger Wine: A Smooth Classy drink that is unlike any whiskey, Rum, or Beer.

The sophistication and cultural significance of Arishtam Wine need no Introduction. This ginger wine has earned its place as a beverage of choice for many. Today we talk about how this unique wine from Uttarakhand delivers potent yet refined intoxicating effects without the foul smell and bitterness of Whiskey, Rum, Spirits, and Beer.

The Subtle Aroma: Whiskey, Rum, and Spirits are made from Distillation. The sugar mills that make them don’t follow the modern industrial manufacturing processes. As a result, sometimes the whole city and neighborhood smells and stinks when molasses are being converted to spirit. No wonder Indians associate molasses smell with alcohol.

Natural Arishtam Wine is made from fruits and flowers and uses no molasses or spirits. Superior ingredients and Superior Processing = Superior Products. Twice the alcohol with ZERO FOUL SMELL.

One of the distinguishing features that set wine apart from spirits and beer is its subtle aroma. Unlike the overwhelming scents associated with spirits, wine boasts a delicate bouquet that enhances the overall drinking experience. The aromatic profile of wine, from the fruity notes of reds to the crisp freshness of whites, allows for a more nuanced exploration of flavors without overpowering the senses.

No Bitterness, Only Bliss: Arishtam Wine, is made from quality ingredients. As a result you will experience a smooth and velvety texture. We eliminate the bitter and sour aftertaste commonly associated with some sugar mill spirits, beer and fortified wines. The absence of bitterness allows for a more enjoyable and approachable drinking experience, making wine a preferable choice for those seeking a refined and pleasant taste without the need for mixers or chasers.

Equally Strong, Less Aggressive: While wine are stronger than Beer and RTD (in terms of alcohol content), its inebriating effects are often perceived as less aggressive than whiskey/rum/spirits or even strong beers. Arishtam Wine has a very gradual and steady rise to inebriation. No water/soda is needed which means that you know how much you are drinking and how much alcohol is consumed. Arishtam Wine provides a more controlled and comfortable experience for those who prefer a more relaxed pace in their drinking endeavors.

Culinary Versatility: Wine’s versatility extends beyond the glass and into the realm of culinary experiences. Wine Pairs well with food and snaxs, enhancing the dining experience with its ability to accentuate flavors and textures. This culinary adaptability adds another layer of appeal to wine, positioning it as a sophisticated and versatile choice for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Cultural Significance: Beyond the sensory aspects, wine carries a rich cultural significance that has been woven into the fabric of human history for centuries. Its association with celebrations, rituals, and the art of winemaking itself elevates wine to a level that extends beyond mere libation. The cultural allure of wine further solidifies its superiority, offering a connection to tradition and refinement.

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Arishtam Offers a unique “Quality over Quantity Experience” in an affordable manner for the youth. Our Unique blend and natural recipe has created this No Foul Smell, No Bitterness experience that allows you on focus on your party rather than getting drunk. Cheers to the drink that proves you can have both strength and subtlety in a single glass.


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