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Hefeweizen, India Pale Ale, Stout, Craft Beer, Red Wine, Champagne, Honey Mead, Sake, Toddy, Kombucha. Homebrew for yourself or host a Draught Beer Keg Party.

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12 mins ago
Sunny Wadhwa
(verified owner)

The product was neatly packed and of was very good quality.Highly recommended.

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Welcome to Arishtam  – the largest and most comprehensive Home Brew Supply store in India.

India is home to over 45,000 species of indigenous plants and 8000 years of history. It is the land of spices and a bouquet of flavors. For thousands of years, brewing has been a tradition for the indigenous tribes. As homebrewing gains traction in India, we are Arishtam are doing our part to enable the purveyors of this tradition.

|| कर्म कर्ता क्रिया ||

With detailed cultural reference, style guides,  and DIY equipment from across the globe, we at Arishtam are striving to demystify the ancient process of fermentation and making homebrewing into a professional, yet affordable hobby. Do check out our range of fermenters and hydrometers.

Here at Arishtam, you can customize your homebrewing beer kits by choosing from a wide variety of brewer’s yeasthops, and malt. You can also choose our homemade wine making kits and other home brewing equipment at our e-commerce store. Getting the right equipment, kits, and ingredients for your craft beers and artisanal wine could never have been easier.