Wine Cork Straight| Natural Thick



Natural Wine Cork which are extra long to ensure long term ageing without risk of oxidation.

Please note that they have to be used with a wine corker and cannot be hammered to the wine bottle. Also please don’t use them with screw top bottles.

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Cork the bottles and serve them like a pro. Fits standard wine bottle (750ml, long neck, dimple bottom)

These are standard 2.3 inch (60mm) long straight corks. The diameter is 30mm. To be used with a long neck (preferably dimple bottom) glass bottles.

Natural cork promotes micro-oxidation and promotes aging of beverages. Hence the corked bottles need to be stored at a slant for best results and preventing dry out.

You can use molten crayons to seal the top in the traditional way or use the heat shrink sleeves to do it the commercial way. Do remember to soak the corks in Campden powder (potassium metabisulfite) to disinfect before corking.

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  1. The quality is good.

    • thank you sir

  2. excellent quality

    • thank you Milton

  3. Good quality product

  4. Good for bottling

    • Thanks Rajesh

  5. Good quality

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