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NitroBrew: Cold-Brew Coffee

“Nitro” cold brew is all the rage. What we don’t realize is that it is so simple and a rewarding experience. Without any week long wait, heating, temperature control: This […]

Mulberry Shahtoot Wine

Also called Shahtoot (शहतूत ), it is a delicious deep red juicy berry. It is available abundantly in silk-producing areas of Eastern India from Karnataka to Assam. These are compound fruits […]

Phalse Indian Blueberry wine

Phalse Indian BlueBerry Wine

The pink, red and purple berries are grown in arid lands of Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh, these are often called Blue Berry of India. These grow in the wild during […]

litche wine

Litchi Wine

Red thorny skin with an oversized stone (seed), Litchi is one of the most exclusive fruits in India. It is available for only for 2-3 weeks in the year. The […]

Peach Apricot Wine Cider

Peach and Apricot can be converted into a wonderful sweet sparkling wine. Below is the step by step guide to make one.

Pineapple Wine 15%ABV

Fresh tropical fruits make wonderful white wine. They are full of aromas and flavors that grape wines cannot even think of matching. I find the clear, bubbly (sparkling) white wine […]

home made liquor

37 Craft Liquor Recipes

Simple recipes to transform a 40% strong white spirit into a drink of your choice. Adding spices and infusing the right flavors is the key to make the right The […]

home made scotch whiskey

How to Age Scotch Whiskey at Home

Many of the commercial whiskey available in India are nothing more than distilled molasses with synthetic colors, dyes, and essence. However, if you lay your hands on a bottle of […]

hot spicy wine

Mulled Wine: Spicy Hot Wine

Warm spicy wine is a Christmas tradition all over Europe. The heat and spices increase the aromas and make it pleasant for sipping on an Indian rainy day as well. […]