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Indian Cherry Wine

The fruit of Indian Cherry (especially the one grown in North East India especially Assam & Meghalaya) can be converted into a fabulous white wine. The Muyna’s botanical name is […]

Rhododendron Wine Recipe (Rhodo Alcohol)

Rhodo is a flower that grows in the forest of the lower Himalaya Mountain Range. From Himachal to Uttrakhand to Nepal to Sikkim to Meghalaya it is found in abundance. […]

Kiwi Wine Cider: Simple Steps

Kiwi is a good tasty fruit that is rich in anti-oxidants. The best part is that it is much softer and easier to juice than apple. It has a nice […]

NitroBrew: Cold-Brew Coffee

“Nitro” cold brew is all the rage. What we don’t realize is that it is so simple and a rewarding experience. Without any week long wait, heating, temperature control: This […]

Mulberry Shahtoot Wine

Also called Shahtoot (शहतूत ), it is a delicious deep red juicy berry. It is available abundantly in silk-producing areas of Eastern India from Karnataka to Assam. These are compound fruits […]

Phalse Indian Blueberry wine

Phalse Indian BlueBerry Wine

The pink, red and purple berries are grown in arid lands of Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh, these are often called Blue Berry of India. These grow in the wild during […]

litche wine

Litchi Wine

Red thorny skin with an oversized stone (seed), Litchi is one of the most exclusive fruits in India. It is available for only for 2-3 weeks in the year. The […]

Peach Apricot Wine Cider

Peach and Apricot can be converted into a wonderful sweet sparkling wine. Below is the step by step guide to make one.

Pineapple Wine 15%ABV

Fresh tropical fruits make wonderful white wine. They are full of aromas and flavors that grape wines cannot even think of matching. I find the clear, bubbly (sparkling) white wine […]