A simple step by step to hone your home brewing skills at home. It is ideal for those who like to experiment in their food craft skills. Use easily available ingredients from your kitchen and make a unique culinary adventure.

Pineapple Wine 15%ABV

Fresh tropical fruits make wonderful white wine. They are full of aromas and flavors that grape wines cannot even think of matching. I find the clear, bubbly (sparkling) white wine…

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Rice Vinegar: Asian Cuisine
clear rice sake wine after filtering

Rice Vinegar: Asian Cuisine

Rice vinegar is an exotic ingredient used in a variety of Asian Cuisine. Some recipe books suggest that we can substitute it with Distilled Vinegar or lemon juice. However they…

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Coffee Kahlua Liqueur
Homemade Coffee Kahlua Liqueur

Coffee Kahlua Liqueur

Kahlua, which literally means House of the Acolhua people from Veracruz, Mexico is an alcoholic coffee liqueur. Serve homemade Kahlua on its own over ice. Or mix it into a cocktail. Either…

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