A Guide to Distillation Process

This post is Only for Distilleries that have license esp. Small Traditional Stills (like Fenni Distillery in Goa, Handi/Rice Whiskey Distillery in North East, Whiskey/Spirit Research Labs and Institutes. Distillation […]

Kamandalu gourd bottle for Somras

In ancient Indian tradition, the Kamandalu holds a sacred place as a vessel for spiritual and ritualistic practices especially those involving somras, wine and mystic elixir. This devotional Flask is […]

OLEO SACCHARUM oil of the sugar

When we launched Arishtam 15% in Dehradun, some of the most curious ingredients that people found were Orange, Lemon and Citrus Peels. While 99% of the Indians are only concerned […]

Ginger Ale Wine Cocktail

Introducing the “Golden Zest Libation” – a simple wine cocktail that you can make at home and bond with your girlfriend/date/better half over a special evening. This alcoholic spiced concoction […]

Lemon Shandy Recipe

Introducing our refreshing Lemon Shandy, a perfect blend of craftsmanship and zest. With an original gravity of 11P and a final gravity of 2P, this brew boasts a light and […]

How to brew your own Kombucha

Congratulations on embracing fermentation! It is a lifelong hobby that is not just good for the mind, but also great for the body as it results in delicious functional food. […]

Kokum Mangosteen Solkadhi

Kokum is native to Goa, Manglore and Western Ghats (Southern Maharashtra, Nilgiris and Northern Karnataka). It is known by many names kokum, aamsol or aamsul, the dried fleshy skin of […]

Indian Cherry Wine

The fruit of Indian Cherry (especially the one grown in North East India especially Assam & Meghalaya) can be converted into a fabulous white wine. The Muyna’s botanical name is […]