A simple step by step to hone your home brewing skills at home. It is ideal for those who like to experiment in their food craft skills. Use easily available ingredients from your kitchen and make a unique culinary adventure.

Tomato Wine

Any fruit and vegetable can be fermented in a nice alcohol. Today we are going to talk about how to make a nice white wine from heirloom tomatoes. Tomato Wine…

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Mexican Pineapple Tepache

Ever wondered what to do with leftover pineapple rinds (peels) or watermelon rinds and other fruit rinds? Well you can ferment your kitchen leftover into an interesting probiotic drink. Mexican…

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Sweet Potato Kvass Beer

Roots are full of natural probiotic bacteria that can help restore Sweet Potato Kvass Convert your sweet potato into a healthy probiotic bubbly drink. 400 gm raw sweet potato (washed,…

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