Good quality dry wine is hard to get in India. Making healthy sugar free wines is one of the top reasons why Indian home brew beer and make wines at home. Few of the benefits of homemade wines are:

  1. You can minutely control the sugar, carbohydrates, and alcohol content of your wines and fermented products. Use a triple scale hydrometer. The BRIX reading on it should be zero (specific gravity 1.0 or lower) for the wine to be sugar-free. Yeast ferments out the fructose and maltose from your beverage. So unless you added too much of table sugar or did not allow the fermentation to be complete, almost all home brewing wine and beer recipe will be low calorie drinks for you.
  2. One of the benefits of home fermenting is that you can ferment out sugar from fruits without losing its nutrients and medical benefits. Fermented/pickled beetroot is loved by diabetics who otherwise are not allowed to eat this nutritious root. Mango ale is loved by the calorie-conscious weight watchers who love the mango flavors and aromas without associated sweetness.
  3. Unlike commercial products, home winemakers don’t use food colors, preservatives, and harmful chemicals used by the industry. No bottle can give the same pleasure of natural organic healthy fruits and vegetables from one’s own backyard.
  4. A lot of the herbs and medicine have a bitter taste. Fermentation (Arishtam) helps mask it down and make it more palatable.
  5. In moderation, dry wines and ciders help protect the heart and fight obesity. Fermented food is great for Keto diet as it helps in digestion and is rich in natural enzymes.
  6. Social acceptability of low alcoholic beers and wines are much higher than distilled whiskey and vodka. Also unlike hard drinks, wines do not have have any molasses or chemicals that can induce hangover and have harmful health effects.
sugar residue in wine in table spoon
homemade dry wine is healthy and sugar free

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A quality dry wine has to be aged between 6 months to 2 years before the bitterness (astringency) in the wine mellows down completely. As compared to that even a month old sweet wine tastes great. Sugar and spices are used by commercial winemakers to mask the flaws in their products. No wonder colas, pepsis and packaged juices can have as many as 330calories per glass. Using quality ingredients, proper process, and equipment is the key to fine-tune your hobby wines to your signature taste.

Summary: If you are drinking wine because of its health benefits, a home made wine will have less calories, zero sugar, no chemicals, no pesticide and 100% unadulterated goodness of your fruits and love.


21 years of experience in Home Brewing and author of Arishtam (India's first homebrew Guide Book).

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