Hydrometer: Measure Alcohol, SG & Brix

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Choose between 3 types of hydrometer scales.

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Ever asked how professionals measure the alcohol content of their beverages?

Well they use a hydrometer. It comes in three variants

  1. Specific gravity scale 1-1.1 (ideal for beer, kombucha, and low Brix wine and sugar fermented drinks)
  2. Specific gravity scale 1-1.2 (ideal for sweet wines, fruit juices, sugarcane, and high gravity brews)
  3. Triple scale: (has the color coding, Brix and potential alcohol table printed in one)

Accurate to 0.005 decimal places, (which can be used to measure Potential acid, alcohol content, Brix scale or degree Plato by using a reference chart)

It comes in a plastic case for safety.

Its long scale can measure ideal sugar concentration, alcohol levels, and gravity readings.

PS: You need to invest in a tall glass or a bottle that is long enough to take the reading. for more instructions please refer here


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  1. Ayushi Dutta (verified owner)

    This is something that was excellent

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    • Ankur (store manager)

      Thank you for your review. 🙂

  2. Sonam Agarwal

    measurement of alcohol could not be easier.

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