Bentonite Powder: Wine Clarifying Agent

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Organic volcanic clay is the traditional wine fining agent which is used all over Europe. This premium wine fining agent is ideal for primary fermentation.

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Bentonite a.k.a volcanic clay is a natural clarifying agent for beverages. Bentonite comes from natural volcanic clay from the mines. Furthermore, it’s processing does not involve any chemicals or additives. It is made from aluminum silicate montmorillonite and hence, is a naturally occurring VEGAN product.


1.      Re-hydrate the bentonite powder by vigorously mixing 2 teaspoons with 1/2 cup water at 60 degrees C (140 degrees F). The powder will have a tendency to clump together as it absorbs the warm water. Break up as many clumps as you can. We can call this mixture as slurry.
2.      Store the bentonite slurry in a sanitized and airtight container for at least four hours. This allows the bentonite to become fully hydrated. The maximum amount of time you let bentonite hydrate is debatable. Some sources say hydrate for at least 24 hours some say 48 hours. Other resources say don’t let it sit for more than 24 hours. Whereas, I found 4 hours worked just fine.
3.      Add the slurry to your wine at a rate of 1 – 2 tablespoons per gallon of wine. Accordingly, use one tablespoon per gallon for mild cloudiness and two per gallon for wines with a thicker haze.
4.      Stir the bentonite slurry in your wine vigorously though not so vigorous that you introduce oxygen into your wine. Degassing tools are perfect for this job.
5.      Re-attach your airlock and let it stand for four to seven days or until clear. Most wines take about a week, however, heavy hazing can take longer to clear. The cooler your wine is kept the quicker it will clear.

Organic Bentonite is negatively charged clay. It will clear off any positive haze creating particles.

Use isinglass next day (or in secondary) for best results

Excessive use of bentonite/fining agents will cause off-flavors, over stripping of colors and aromas. Refer to this post for more instructions. Also if you plan to use bentonite in secondary fermentation, then don’t forget to cold crash.

Technical Specifications

Physical State: Powder
Color: Light Brown
Odor: Odorless
Flammability: Non-Flamable, Non-explosive
Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures
It is a vegetarian product with no known ecological problems.

Chemical Composition:

SiO2 – 45-65
AL2O3- 10-20
Fe2O3 12-25
CaO – 0-5
MgO – 1-5
Na2O – 0-2
K2O – 0-2

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    Timely delivered, safe vegan product, but the wine is still cloudy after following the procedure to use bentonite (as mentioned in the dosage here).

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