Malt Extract: Instant Beer Wort Powder

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No need of cumbersome 2 hour mashing process with milling and mashing Grain malt. Jump the queue with instant beer wort powder. Add hops, boil, cool, and add yeast to ferment into beer.

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Dry Malt Extract (1kg)

1kg spray-dried Malt extract is good for 7-8liters of beer. 1kg of Dry malt extract powder is equal to 1.2kg of liquid malt extract. A simple recipe for malt extract beer can be found here.

This malt powder is spray-dried to achieve a color is EBC 11 which is ideal for most photo-blogging experiments. Do not confuse it with diastatic malt flour which is basically starch. Here, the grains are:

  1. Cleaned
  2. Germinated
  3. Dried
  4. Converted into Beer wort
  5. Vacuum Spray Dried

As a result 1kg of malt extract powder = 1.6kg of malt grains in any recipe.

1kg of dry malt extract (DME) = 1.2 kg of liquid malt extract (LME)

This powder has no sucrose, milk solids, vegetable oil or any impurities that will hinder your wort making experience.

Malted grains

We also used to keep a host of specialty grains to help refine your craft brews. However the service will resume in July when the lockdown on travel and import restrictions are lifted.

1. Wheat Malt 800gm packs (white soft spring wheat) ideal for most wheat styles beers and normal beers where the heads need to be adjusted. A simple recipe for wheat beer is here.

2. Rye malt (800gm packs): biscuit-like flavor, with a smooth mouthfeel component, and malty-sweet aromas with hints of bread and honey

3. Belgian brown-biscuity (sweet): 700gm packs: honey, nuts as well as hints of chocolate. It is sweeter than regular biscuit malts. Possible substitutes Abbey Malt

4. Munich Malt type 2: 725gm: It imparts a strong malty flavor with dark colors associated with German Bavarian beers.

5. Caramel (Dextrin malt) 800gm: Sweet glassy malts. Must have in any ale to improve body and balance.

6. Crystal 10 malt 825gm: Sweet glassy malts. Must have in any ale to improve body and balance

7. Pilsner Malt: 725gm: Base malt of choice for most beers and malt beverages


The grains are unmilled. If you are milling at home, please read this tutorial

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    nice selection and variety. when are you guys starting micro-malting yourself?

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