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how to mill barley malt

You can attach a drill machine to your old cast iron spices crusher
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time10 mins
Total Time15 mins
Keyword: drill machin milling, milling barley
Yield: 4 kg
Cost: 10


  • hand drill electric 220v (Bosch professional is great)
  • cast iron hand grinder for spices and corn
  • A mask and protective gear


  • 4 kg malted wheat or barley 200 to 225gm per liter of beer
  • 2 drops coconut oil for food grade lubricant
  • 1 bolt to attach the drill to the grinder it wears off fast and needs replacing every 3-6 months


  • Attach your grinder to your table stool or any firm surface. Make sure the screws are tight enough.
    spices grinder
  • Most hand grinders come with a handle to grind the spices. However if you are using 4 kg of grains for your brewing day, it might be too much of a manual effort. Replace the handle with a screw/bold so that it is easier to attach the drill machine.
    attach a drill machine
  • Most important adjust the distance between the plates. You want to break the grains so that endosperm is exposed but not too fine that the just separates out. Also be mindful that wheat and barlet contains gluten. Which means that if you grind too fine, it will turn to flour/aata which will be difficult to mash.
    adjust the grind size
  • Attach the grinding machine and put a bucket or tub to collect the milled malt
  • Remember that milling malt or grains generate a lot of fine dust & heat. So please wear a mask and protective gear.


Please be aware that power tools are not kid’s play. Please refer to safety instructions, wear proper safety gear before operating them. Under no circumstances mix alcohol and power tools.

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Home brewers like to malt their own barley, wheat, and sorghum for their recipe of all grain home brew beer. Correct milling is very important to achieve this. Today we will talk about how to use a commonly available spices hand mill to mill/grind your grains. Correctly milled grains are not only easy to work with, but also improves your beer wort extraction efficiency.

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