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No need to wait for a week to develop your own ginger bug. Just mix some ginger, sugar and this yeast to make a wonderful ginger ale in 2-3 days.

Ginger Beer Yeast is the perfect starter for Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Each sachet of Ginger Beer Yeast will make up to 13.5 L/3.5 US Gal batch of alcoholic or non-alcoholic old-fashioned ginger beer.

Store below 25°C Ingredients: Yeast nutrients, dried yeast, vitamins, trace minerals Dairy Free, Gluten Free

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There are many ways to make the traditional Ginger Ale.

One could grow the bud for two weeks to make a probiotic drink or use this active dry yeast. Ginger Ale will also generate fizz to make a lovely bubbly refreshing cool drink. One packet of this ginger ale dry beer yeast is enough for 5-10 liters. Just take some sugar (150gm per liter), grated fresh ginger, and lime (to taste) to make this drink. Some rock salt and whole spices can be added to make variants.

Pinching temperature: Room temperature 25 degrees. (Please hydrate the yeast in 10 parts sterilized water and half a teaspoon of sugar for best results)

Please note this yeast is maltose negative, use a beer yeast if you are using malt to make ginger beer. At Arishtam we provide you with a hot of beer yeasts to suit your recipe style. Kindly check them out at

GINGER BEER Alcohol 5 min Video Simple home made beer and wine

39 reviews for Ginger Beer Ale Yeast

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Image #1 from Abhinav Maitra
Image #2 from Abhinav Maitra
Image #1 from Abhinav Maitra

Abhinav Maitra

I made ginger ale beer before using ginger ale yeast and use normal sugar before bottling for fizz, it’s turns out good but it only has abt 7-9% ABV and not that fizzy. Is it ok if I use specific gravity chart to specify it’s alcohol level and do i need to use prime sugar before bottling for better fizz And what is alcohol tolerance of “Ginger Beer Ale Yeast: Mad Millie”

Image #2 from Abhinav Maitra

Abhinav Maitra

I made some ginger beer before using ginger ale yeast it's come out pretty good but it was only around 7% ABV Is it ok if I use this chart for specific alcohol% for ginger beer And do i need to use prime sugar before bottling for fizz

Image #1 from Abhinav Maitra
Image #2 from Abhinav Maitra
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  1. bill not sent

  2. Good quality.. will definitely purchase again

  3. Just awesome. My ginger beer brew came out to be excellent. Will buy again

    • Thanks Praveen

  4. Works well

  5. I have been brewing Ginger ale since long. My brew is very popular amongst all my friends. This is by far The best Ginger ale yeast I have ever used. Includes the nutrients. Starts bubbling happily within a day and gives the right alcohol level within a week. Highly recommended.

    • Thank you Satish

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