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Is your fermentation too slow? Is your yeast sluggish? Well add this energizer to speed things up. Ideal for stuck fermentation, low temperature and high ABV recipes.

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Yeast energizer is a 5gm mixture of ammonium (DAP), phosphate, zinc, vitamin b complex. It is needed by the yeast to perform stress-free. Ideally to be used for stuck fermentation (yeast stopped fermentation which the wine is still too sweet), very low-temperature fermentation, high sugar concentration or other stresses. Must have for lagers, ice-wines, and other low-temperature fermentation. Essentially for situations where the yeast often is not able to finish fermentation on its own. These vitamins and special food are also used to make the yeast start culture when trying to revive expired dry yeast sachets.
Please follow your recipe for the exact dosage.

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    best for stuck ferments and wines

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