Oak Chips for Wine and Beers

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Red wine with traditional Oak barrel flavors, cask aged beers and oak flavored coffee made easy using the imported oak chips. Give those elusive European cask flavors to your homemade wines kits without breaking your bank.

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Get a European cask-aged touch in your drinks through French Oak chips. Add 1-4gm and wait for 2-4 weeks for the full flavor to develop. It is charred enough to release that much-coveted golden whole-bodied color and flavors.

Oak chips inside a stainless steel conical fermenter is used in the industry extensively for full-bodied red wine (which is high in tannins and phenols), cask-aged beers and whiskey production.

Unlike Oak Barrels these are inexpensive and don’t harbor bacteria that can cause vinegar infection in your precious brew. Also wooden barrels are prone to leaking and cracking which needs copious amounts of beeswax and carpentry to be usable. These use and throw chips (1gm per liter) is a perfect substitute.

For more details on why chips are better than Oak barrels, please refer to the product comparison page.

It can also be used to give the golden whiskey like color/flavors to clear spirits (preferably 190 proof) that you purchased from a licensed liquor shop.

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  1. Bhavna Chopra (verified owner)

    Beautiful smell

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    • Ankur (store manager)

      Oak does improve the smell and color of the home brew

  2. Varun Singh Rawat (verified owner)

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  3. Sonam Agarwal

    can be used with gin to get that golden whiskey look as well. but with wines its simply divine

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