Wine Stabilizer: Potassium Sorbate



Sorbate is ideal for backsweeten wines and ciders before bottling. It prevent representation of wines inside bottles and bottle bombs.

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Chemical name: Potassium Sorbate E202. It is ideal for killing yeast activity before back sweetening. Potassium Sorbate prevents spoilage due to infections and unwanted carbonation during aging. Sorbate is a non-toxic food-grade stabilizer. Use it only after the end of fermentation.
Recommended dosage 0.5gm per liter (5gm pack is good for 10 liters)

Must for making non-sparkling sweet white wines. Potassium sorbate produces sorbic acid when added to wine. It serves two purposes. After the active fermentation, when we rack the wine for the final time after clearing, sorbate will render any surviving yeast incapable of multiplying. Yeast living at that moment can continue fermenting any residual sugar into CO2 and alcohol. But when they die no new yeast will be present to cause future fermentation. When a wine is sweetened before bottling, potassium sorbate is used to prevent re-fermentation when used in conjunction with potassium metabisulfite. It’s primary use is with sweet wines, sparkling wines, and some hard ciders. We can also add it to table wines which exhibit difficulty in maintaining clarity after fining.

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85 reviews for Wine Stabilizer: Potassium Sorbate

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Image #1 from Jason Ward Kharkongor
Image #1 from Jason Ward Kharkongor

Jason Ward Kharkongor

After back sweetening the wine and bottling it, I used to have a lot of bottles exploding because there was definitely still some yeast microbes remaining even after 6 months of fermentation. To fix this, I used a tea spoon of stabilizer on 25 liters of wine and it worked! It also helped somewhat in the clarification of the wine. This is a must buy for any home wine makers who want to go the extra mile to make their product the best there is! Thanks Arishtam!

Image #1 from Jason Ward Kharkongor
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