Kombucha Continuous Brewing System

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Conical Fermenter
Oxygenation Wand
HEPA filter
Home Brewing Guide Book
Stainless Steel Chiller
Hop Spider
Filtration System
Paddle Spoon
Calcium Carbonate
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This kit is ideal for those who want to make a small commercial batch of artisanal kombucha. A continuous brewing system means that a new batch of brewed tea water can be introduced without having to empty the tank and clean the deposit from it. This is ideal for probiotic brewers who are making about 100-500 bottles of commercial non-alcoholic beverages a day.

The kit consists of:

  1. Kombucha Mother: A 250ml starter culture to create the colony.
  2. Conical Fermenter: Designed to clean the yeast sediment and drain out the finished product without
  3. Oxygenation wand (to prevent alcohol formation and speed up the fermentation process)
  4. Hepa filter to prevent infections
  5. Stainless Steel Chiller: To accelerate the faster cooling of the tea
  6. Filteration system: to get rid of the yeasty sediment and floating jelly
  7. Hop Spider to efficiently infuse spices, fruits, and flavors in artisanal kombucha
  8. Paddle: Long spoon to stir and dissolve the sugar
  9. Hydrometer: to calibrate the pH and acidity of kombucha especially one that has to sit on store shelves for long.
  10. Calcium Carbonate: To regulate the acidity
  11. Home Brewing Guide Book


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  1. Sonam Agarwal

    so now i can brew kombucha everyday

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