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A simple hand held twin lever portable corker a.k.a. corking machine for wine and honey mead enthusiasts. Just sanitize the cork in Campden solution (4gm per liter) put it on the corker and press the lever. Your perfectly sealed and professionally looking bottle is ready for serving to your guests. This corker converts a hobby into a professional wine maker.

All premium wine bottles come with a cork. So why should not your home made wine?

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Wine Bottle Corker: Seal Your Creations with Precision

Wine Corking or Bottling wine is an art—a meticulous process that ensures your crafted masterpiece reaches its full potential. Enter the Wine Bottle Corker, a specialized tool designed to securely insert corks into wine bottles. Here’s why it matters:

  1. Preserving Flavor and Aroma:
    • The right corker creates an airtight seal, safeguarding your wine from oxidation and contaminants.
    • Say goodbye to unwanted flavors and hello to the pure essence of your vintage.
  2. Ease of Use:
    • Our corker streamlines the bottling process. No more struggling with manual insertion.
    • Simply compress the cork and insert it seamlessly into the bottle.
  3. Compatibility and Durability:

For beer bottles, there are two crown capping options available.

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