Carbonation Keg Lid with Diffusion Stone


Ideal with both types of corny kegs… pin lock and ball type.

It is used for sparkling wines/Champagne, home brew beer, bubbly cider, fizzy probiotic beverage. Kombucha and Kefir Water brewers also use force carbonation to introduce CO2. This way the yeast and residual sugar in the beverage can be finely monitored.

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The keg lid with built-in carbonation stone!
The easiest way to carbonate your beer.
Move the lid from keg to keg to carbonate as needed. This lid allows fast force carbonation with the minimum of effort.


– Stainless Steel 0.5 Micron Diffusion Stone
– Keg Lid with Stainless Ball Lock Post
– Silicon Keg Lid seal
– 60cm of hose
– The stainless steel Stone can be Autoclave or boiled to remove deep-rooted deposits and microbes

Steps to Carbonate your Drink in 15 minutes

  1. Clean the keg lid and parts with a brewing sanitizer.
  2. Attach the CO2 or nitrogen tank to the lid (use the ball lock gas line connect)
  3. Increase the Pressure to 30 PSI
  4. Chilling the keg to 4 degrees Celsius can greatly enhance the CO2 absorption capacity of your drink.
  5. After 15 minutes you can dispense the drink. No need to roll the keg on the floor, shake or mix. The stone will do all the hard work for you.

0.5 micron stone means that there will be a lot of really tiny bubbles that will be formed. This leads to a stable foamy head that everyone likes.

Force Carbonating: Shake Method and using a Carb Stone

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  1. Good

    • Thank you Sachin

  2. amazing for instant carbonation of toddy and cider

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