Beer Line Hose 8mm OD Flexible


12M of multilayer flexible beer tube. Multipurpose can be used for beer as well as Carbon di oxide /Nitrogen gas delivery.
These tubes are food grade and designed for CO2, N2, and Beer lines. EVA Barrier from Kegland comes with multi-layer protection to prevent oxidation, be flexible enough, and prevent leakage of joints. Inner diameter is 5mm which will fit most barbed and MFL fittings

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Hard reinforced flexible pipe for keezers. This PVC pipe can be used for both beer and CO2 gas lines. Please use at least 3-4 meters of line after your keg/fermenter/brite tank to get adequate flow resistance and prevent over-foaming.

With Kegrators use 4mm ID line and keep the link 1.5-2m long.

Pressure Rating (with 1.5safety factor)
30C – 1.4 MPa (200psi)
50C – 0.7MPa (100psi)

Compatible with Duotight, John Guest, and other push-in fittings. Stiff outer barrier provides kink resistance, wear and tear resistance to allow you to make tight bends without the risk of the link collapsing/becoming flat. The inner barrier prevents oxidation, microbial activity. Hence keeps your beer, kombucha or sparkling cider wine taste fresher for longer. The inner barrier is made from High-density smooth polymer that is resistant to microbial action.

EVABarrier Beer Line - Why we use this instead of vinyl(aka PVC, CVT)

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