Nukatap Beer Dispensers

Nukatap from Kegland is the cutting-edge taps and dispensing solution for beer enthusiasts. Microbrewery love These iconic taps because:

First Pour Foam Reduction: Nukatap’s design reduces the thermal mass, which means the tap reaches beer serving temperature faster, decreasing the amount of foam produced during the first pour.
Improved Laminar Flow: The unique shuttle design inside the Nukatap minimizes turbulence as beer flows through, resulting in a smoother pour and less foaming.
Sanitary Forward Sealing Design: The forward sealing mechanism prevents beer from being exposed to air and contaminants when the faucet is closed, reducing the risk of spoilage and buildup inside the tap.
Longer Life Seals: The high-quality seals in Nukatap taps are designed for longevity, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance over time.
Versatile Tap Handle Angle: The tap handle angle is more versatile, allowing for easier operation and better control of the pouring process.
Chemical Resistance: Nukatap is highly resistant to chemicals, making it durable against the various cleaning agents used in breweries.
Smooth Gliding Action: Unlike older taps that may have metal-on-metal components, Nukatap’s smooth gliding action ensures a longer lifespan for the tap components.

Nukatap’s compatibility with various nozzles and accessories, like counter-flow pressure bottle fillers and beer guns, makes it a versatile addition to any brewing setup. Its ease of cleaning and maintenance, coupled with a virtually drip-free performance, positions Nukatap as a preferred choice for those who value quality and efficiency in their brewing equipment.

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