Silicone Cork with Hole

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Ideal for home brew wine and beer in glass bottles and carboys. It is a premium grade stopper contamination-free product. It will not crack, split, or turn into powder. Also, it is made from lead-free curing process and with food grade material that will last many years. The silicone rubber is very soft and flexible. hence it can be bend into any shape and will make an airtight seal.

This is ideal for 1-3 gallon beer growler and glass demijohns. Works with both S type bubbler and 3 piece airlock.

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Silicone cork/plug with hole is designed for adding airlock to a standard beer growler bottle and fermenter apertures in lids. This bung made from lead-free curing silicone. Therefore, suitable for all food and beverage contact.


  1. 25mm tapering to 38mm.  It is suitable for growlers and demijohns for 35mm hole internal diameter.
  2. 17.5mm tapering 22.5mm. Suitable for beer bottles or smaller 20mm bottle mouth size holes.

Both corks have an 9mm hold in the center is ideal to attach airlock, blow off tubes, pipes, and other bottle attachments of your projects.

Please sanitize and wet the cork before inserting the airlock. We keep it deliberately tight for an airtight fitting.

48 reviews for Silicone Cork with Hole

Based on 48 reviews
  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Size a bit big, request to stock smaller size also.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Looks good, but have not used yet.

  3. Mohamed Khalifa (verified owner)

    Strong enough and good product

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)


  5. Karthik R (verified owner)

    Nice product. Used it on a tin lid.

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