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BIAB (Brew in a Bag) revolutionized through this. No need for expensive equipment.

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Want to make your first home brew beer but don’t want to invest in a large expensive mashing system? Well this muslin bag will come do your rescue. Just drop 4-6 kg of milled malted grains, stick in a thermometer and your regular LPG stove (with a large bhagona) can serve as a decent mashing system.

Made from cotton, which means that unlike the nylon bags, it will not leach chemicals in your wort or burn. This bag has a circumference of 42 inches and a height of 15 inches which is ideal to prevent kettle caramelization of your grains.
You can use this as a lining of your brew kettle and raise it you sparge once done.
Suitable for 4-6kg grains along with sparge water.

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  1. Ankur B. (verified owner)

    It’s a good product, as was advertised. I expected a slightly lightly color, but it’s alright as color variations are expected. Shipping was fast and it reached me on time. Thank you for that.
    Will be back for more homebrewing stuff. Cheers!!!

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    • Ankur (store manager)

      sir we don’t use bleach or chemicals as this bag is to be used in food industry. Natural cotton is a bit creamish. please boil before using

  2. Ankur (store manager)

    essential for a diy low cost mashing kettle

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