Brew Bag BIAB nylon mesh bagBrew Bag BIAB nylon mesh bag
BIAB: Large Brew Bag
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BIAB: Large Brew Bag



BIAB (Brew in a Bag) revolutionized through this. No need for expensive equipment. Just add your grains in this bag and mash your beer wort.

It is also widely used by wine makers to crush grapes and other fruits. Keeping fruits inside a bag prevents spillage and splashing when we press them.

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Want to make your first home brew beer but don’t want to invest in a large expensive mashing system? Well, this Mesh bag will come to do your rescue. Just drop 4-6 kg of milled malted grains, stick in a thermometer and your regular LPG stove (with a large bhagona) can serve as a decent mashing system.

Made from heat resistant nylon (110 degrees Celsius rating), it is lightweight and easy to use. Please tie the bag an inch above the base of the vessel so that the grains and the bag do not get charred from the hot flame of the vessel.

This bag has an 800mm X 550mm dimensions. Which is ideal for kettles upto 55cm (550mm) in diameter. Brew bags prevent kettle caramelization of your grains.
You can use this as a lining of your brew kettle and raise it to sparge once done.
Suitable for 4-6kg grains along with sparge water.

Please sanitize the bag before and after every use. It is also used by cider and grape winemaker to crush the fruit and juice it out.

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