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What is turbo yeast?

Turbo yeast is a special strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that is genetically selected owing to its various abilities like:

  1. Fast action. It can make 17-20 % alcohol in 3-7 days (compared to 1 month for a traditional winemaking process)
  2. It is better suited for summers (high-temperature brewing of 20-30 degrees Celsius without producing off-flavors or hangover inducing higher fuel alcohols.
  3. High inoculation and cleaner crisp taste. The resulting ferment will not taste bready and the yeast will die off and settle in the bottom automatically without the need of fining agents (egg, isinglass, or bentonite) to clear the wine.
  4. It is also preferred by distilleries because of ethanol production for neutral spirits. However, please check the local permits and laws needed for moonshine stills before trying to distill whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, or brandy at home.
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