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Can I use Wine yeast to make Mead?

Broadly speaking there are three kinds of wine yeast:

  1. Red wine yeast which are designed for high tannin & phenolic wine must. However mead is made from honey which lacks the tannins and phenols that these yeast are selected for.
  2. White Wine or Champagne yeast: These are designed for high alcohol wines with stress from pressure fermentation (CO2 fizz). However most mead is served flat and have a 10-13% alcohol content.
  3. Fruit cider yeast that relies on body and mouth-feel from the fruits. Honey on the other hand is very delicate and lacks the body.

So essentially if you want to preserve the delicate aromas and flavors of the honey then it is better to use Mangrove Jack’s honey mead that is specially designed for this purpose. You can technically make alcohol from any yeast, but the craft beverage needs a balance that these specialized yeast are selected for.

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