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Can I use Wine yeast to make Mead?

Broadly speaking there are three kinds of wine yeast: Red wine yeast which are designed for high tannin & phenolic wine must. However mead is made from honey which lacks […]

How to rehydrate dry brewer’s yeast?

Mangrove Jack’s craft brewer’s yeast sold at is in the dry form. Dry yeast is easy to store, transport, and carry. The wet yeast on the other hand needs […]

What is potassium metabisulfite

Also Called K-Meta or K2S2O5 or potassium pyrosulfite is used as a preservative and sanitizer in wine making industry. It is a white crystalline powder with a pungent smell of Sulphur. […]

Campden Smell and Taste

Campden tablets/powder are used as sanitizers and preservatives. They are sulfur-based and slowly release SO2 gases. It will be reminiscent of Diwali crackers because of this sulfur gas. Please don’t […]

Simple Rice Beer Recipe

Method of Preparation: Cook You can make rice beer/wine with any rice. However low aromatic oil rice is preferred (Dosa Rice gives better flavors than aromatic Basmati Rice). Milled/Polished Rice […]

Alcohol Tolerance of Rice Wine

The aromatic rice wine/beer has ~13-18% alcohol when finished. The Chinese dry rice wine can have 18%+ alcohol content. Rice fermentation is a 2 stage continuous process. The koji is […]

Rice Wine Color

Unfiltered Rice wine/Rice Beer is always turbid & milky white like milk. The ones served in restaurants are of often pale yellow (straw color) and clearer. When the filtered rice […]

Can I submit Annonymous Entries

The social media allows one to hide the identity and yet create an impact. You can create an anonymous Instagram/Twitter handle to submit annonymous entries. The judging criteria does not […]

What is the Prize?

The winners will be contacted on 5th Jan 2021 via their twitter/instagram handles. The top 9 entries will be given 1,100/- INR wallet cash balance which they can use […]