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Which fruit peel is poisonous?

There are plenty of fruits that can be poisonous and dangerous to our health if eaten improperly. Certain fruit peels are difficult to consume and at times are also inedible […]

How to Harvest Liquid Yeast

Till 1970, dry yeast was not used commercially for brewing. Most breweries would save a bit of the trub and use it for their next batch. Even bakers would mix […]

Is home brew beer better for you

Absolutely! Can you expect a commercial package to shower you with the same love, attention, and care as a handcrafted beverage? Homebrew is a handcrafted jewel in the form of […]

Can home brew beer kill you?

Fermentation is probably older than civilization and agriculture. It is a perfectly safe hobby that does not produce any poison or foul smell. When it comes to the safety aspect, […]

How long beer can sit in the fermenter

Not more than a few days or max 10 days. Why? Once the fermentation is over, the yeast dies and settles at the bottom. This yeast then starts breaking down […]

How long my home brew Last?

Typically bottled home brew beer has a shelf life of 6 months. However, most home-brew beer is consumed within a week to a month of bottling or kegging. However, some people […]

Is Fermentation = Alcohol?

So many products around you are fermented: curd, cheese, black tea, coffee, olives, bread, and pickle. Not all fermentation is alcohol. For centuries, fermentation was the method of choice for […]

Can I get methanol poisoning from home brew?

Methanol a.k.a. wood alcohol is generated from fermenting wood, pectin, skins of fruits, and distillation. There is a simple WHO-approved test to check for dangerous levels of methanol. The various strains of brewer’s […]

How do I clear my wine and beer?

Under professional additives, we have tons of fining agents like Bentonite, Isinglass, Irish Moss, and Gelatin that you can use to make your home brew clear. For instructions and dosage […]