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How to track my order

You can track your order either through my account page or by providing your order number and email address Since we ship through India Post, request you to log to India post website with […]

How much does wine yeast cost

A 5gm of wine yeast costs 100/- and is good for about 5 Liters (6.5 bottles of 750ml each). Wine yeast can produce 15-17% alcohol in 3 days and is recommended for […]

Do you ship in discreet packages?

Yes, all our parcels are packed in multi-layer discreet packaging. A lot of our customers live in orthodox joint families. Hence, we understand and respect your choices and privacy.

Do you offer Cash of Delivery (CoD)

Sorry, at this moment, we don’t offer cash on delivery. However, you can place a small value trial order to test our services and check online for our reviews.

How long will my order take to deliver?

Most orders are dispatched the next day. Some orders especially of kombucha and live cultures are shipped every Monday. So that they get delivered on time and don’t die due […]

Cancellation and Refund

If you have placed the order and later on changed your mind, don’t fret. Just drop us an email and we will stop the dispatch. Typically we prefer to ship […]

Do you have Low-cost oak barrels

Wooden wine barrels are a lot of commitment in terms of space, cost, and care for most homebrewers. Instead what we recommend is using a ball lock keg and oak chips. For more […]