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How to rehydrate dry brewer’s yeast?

Mangrove Jack’s craft brewer’s yeast sold at is in the dry form. Dry yeast is easy to store, transport, and carry. The wet yeast on the other hand needs […]

Which fruit peel is poisonous?

There are plenty of fruits that can be poisonous and dangerous to our health if eaten improperly. Certain fruit peels are difficult to consume and at times are also inedible […]

Is Apple Cider good for Gut Health?

Fermentation takes away sugar leaving the goodness of fruit behind. Yeast also adds to Vitamin B-12 and other probiotics which are otherwise very difficult for vegetarians to source. Hence fruit […]

What does Apple Wine Taste Like

Fruit wine is full of aromas and flavors from the natural fruit it is made of. They are often infused with spices (especially cinnamon, ginger, star anise) which add to […]

My Apple Cider is Bitter

Apple Cider can be turn out bitter because of a variety of reasons. Here are some to help you out: Low Residual sugar. Sweetness is the best mask for bitterness […]

What is Apple Wine called?

Technically any alcoholic beverage made from the fruit is called Wine. However, apple wine is called hard cider. Pear wine is called Hard Perry. Honey or flower wine is called Mead. […]

How long my home brew Last?

Typically bottled home brew beer has a shelf life of 6 months. However, most home-brew beer is consumed within a week to a month of bottling or kegging. However, some people […]

Is Campden tablets the same as potassium sorbate?

Campden a.k.a. potassium metabisulfite is an antioxidant/ preservative, commonly called “sulfites”. Most commercial wine labels will have listed it as one of its ingredients. It inhibits the bacteria activity but […]