Wine Preparation Steps for Home

This simple guide poster has the 22 steps that one needs to follow in order to make a lovely home-made wine in the traditional European way. You can buy yeast, ingredients and equipment at Arishtam

Wine Preparation steps. 22 steps over 28 days  for home made wine
Wine Preparation steps
  1. Sort the Grapes. Remove any pests, leaves, stems, and rotten fruit.
  2. Destem the grapes and crush them.
  3. Collect the juice (Called Must) in a bucket. Add Campden powder to kill mold.
  4. Add wine yeast. Hydrate before adding.
  5. Add Yeast Nutrients. This is because grape juice is very low on proteins.
  6. Also, add some Malic Acid to reduce acidity.
  7. Allow the wine to ferment in a closed but wide lid fermenter
  8. Daily punch the top. It allows the floating skin to get mixed. Prevents mold infection. Also, it allows for alcohol to extract the maximum red color, wine pigment, and tannins.
  9. Use a triple scale hydrometer to gauge the extent of fermentation.
  10. After 70% of the fermentation is over (roughly 5-7 days), squeeze the juice out.
  11. Separate the skin and the seeds from the wine. Use a filter mesh or wine press to extract maximum wine out.
  12. Pour it into a smaller fermenter and put an airlock.
  13. Optional: Add wine Tannins.
  14. You can also add Oak chips to improve color and flavors.
  15. Be patient for at least 3 weeks (longer is better). Allow the wine to naturally settle and ferment on its own. The taste will drastically improve during this time.
  16. Rack the wine using a siphon. This will help separate out the sediments and produce a very clear wine.
  17. Very Important: Taste the wine. Make adjustments to pH, spices, etc. to get the perfect wine.
  18. Add Campden if you are bottling dry. A wine Stabilizer is preferred if you are adding sugar and want a sweet taste.
  19. Bottle the wine.
  20. Put a nice cork. Personalize the bottle with a lovely label.
  21. Wait for the right occasion and celebration
  22. Invite friends over and drink. Don’t forget to share the wisdom of how wine is prepared at home.

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