Khajurasava: Date Wine Recipe

January 27, 2020

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This preparation is made from Dried Kajoor (palm date) but I guess any wine can pair up for a romantic rendezvous. Sweet sorghum, maple syrup, jaggery paste or any other sugar source can be similarly fermented into an alcoholic beverage.



  1. Dates (2kg deseeded) or date syrup: 2.5kg,

  2. Yeast: 5gm

  3. Water




  1. Make a date syrup (faster if we have readymade date syrup). Remove any insects or foreign particles from the dates. If we are using deseeded dates, break it down by hand or use a blade to chop it into smaller pieces. For the whole dates, we need to use a knife to make a cut. As long as we are able to break the skin of them, it does not matter how big and where the cut is.


  1. Soak them in luke warm water overnight. Then take them in a pan and simmer them over low flame along with 5 liters of water. Do take care that the dates at the bottom of the pan are not charred. If we are using too many of them then using a cloth bag might be a good idea (BIAB).


  1. Once we believe the pulp is sufficiently dissolved, strain the seeds away. Rinse them once more in cold sterilized water to remove any trace of sugar and throw away the seeds.


  1. Skip step 1-3 and jump to this if date syrup is used. Chill the liquid and decant it into the fermenter.


  1. Use a hydrometer, measure the original gravity, and try to bring it between 1.09 and 1.1 range. (Add water or sugar to achieve the desired alcohol range). You can also add some spices like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper


  1. Take 5gm of dry wine yeast, hydrate it in 50ml of 5% sugar solution for 30 minutes and pour the cream into the date syrup.


  1. Put an airlock and allow it to ferment for about 7 days. Move to a secondary fermenter (removing any sediment). Allow it to age for another 3 weeks (Add isinglass, bentonite to accelerate clearing)


  1. After 4 weeks, date wine should be ready. Dry date wine has an earthy note to it. I back-sweeten (2-3% sugar) this wine to get the right flavor.


  1. If prepared date wine is kept in an airtight bottle, we can convert it into sparkling wines. Some folks have added a bit of oat, hops into the ferment and made tropical IPA out of it as well. (a style similar to extract based beer in the next section)


From the previous couple of recipes, you would have realized that there are two types of people. One (who are in majority) who will follow the tradition and recipe in verbatim and others who would improvise and innovate. This book aims to motivate its audience to aspire to be budding food craft enthusiast. Dare to experiment with different ingredients and do not get bogged down with traditions or lack of resources.

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