Asava: Devil’s Blood Wine Recipe

January 25, 2020

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This fruit wine is made from mulberry, jamun and berries. It is deep red in color, dry and with a strong body. Hence the name Devil’s blood wine. Some people have also added blueberry, raspberry, cranberry and blackberry into it as per the locally available ingredients. My Anglo-Indian friends favor this recipe during the year-end feasts.


Ingredients (for a 5 liters batch)


  1. 600gm of various berries (for jamun use thrice as much fruit because of the seed),

  2. 2-4 liter of base fruit juice (some use water, some use grape juice, I prefer tetra pack cranberry juice),

  3. Sugar 400gm,

  4. Additives (yeast, nutrients, pectin, bentonite, Campden and sorbate),

  5. Oak chips 1-3gm per liter for cask aged (oak barrels) woody tannin flavors.



The steps are similar to grape wine. Pulp the fruit; add base juice to top up the jar. After four days, rake it into a secondary jar with airlock and allow it to sit there for a month. Back sweeten to > 3% residual sugar and then bottle. It might be a good idea to age this fruit blend for 1-3 months. It will reduce the astringency of the tannins and phenols from the berries and help it develop the body.

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