Kefir Recipe

January 5, 2020

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As per the legend, Kefir was a gift of the Mohammad to the shepherds of Caucasus Mountains. Although passed from generation to generation, the recipe and the culture was always a closely guarded secret. The Russian Tsar brought them to Europe and it proliferated ever since. Milk Kefir is loved by anybody who likes yogurt. It is creamy, tangy smoothie, which can be drank as is or flavored with fruits and sugar.




  1. Take a bowl of full cream milk. (Substitution with coconut milk and other vegan options is also possible). However, skimmed milk should be avoided.

  2. Boil and cool down the milk to room temperature, add a teaspoon of kefir grains and put it in an airtight container.

  3. Shake it a bit every hour and in 4 hours we will get a creamy, fermented kefir.

  4. Use a tea strainer to filter the kefir out. In this, we get back our knotty, rubbery kefir grains, which we can use for our next batch.


You can make buttermilk, smoothies, yoghurt drinks with kefir. We can also infuse banana, berries and other fruits in the kefir servings as well. However, like curd, please remain cautious. If it smells funny or tastes funny, then discard the entire batch.

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