Port wine recipe

September 10, 2018

Port wine is the simplest and the most preferred wine in India. It is slightly sweet, very strong in alcohol (18-20% compared to 10% of French Wine) and has very bold flavors (rich in tannins).

What people don’t realize is that it is also one of the easiest wine to make at home.

Step 1: Get enough black grapes. Remove the stems, insects and damaged ones

Step 2: pulp them, but leave the skin behind so that alcohol can leach it away


Step 3: Add Campden to kill acetobactor, mold and other unwanted microbes. Add pectinase to help clear

Step 4: Use wine yeast (higher the alcohol tolerance better it is)

Step 5: Step feed the yeast to enable it reach it maximum limit and punch the top daily

Step 6: Strain the skins, sediment etc. and move to secondary

Step 7: Add Oak chips, spices (pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves pairs well) and wait for a month for the yeasty flavors to subside. Isinglass and bentonite might be great to add as well if you love clear.

Step 8: Once it is sweet enough (between 3-8%), yet not bubbling, and clear then pour some brandy/spirit to fortify your wine (a spirit hydrometer will come handy)

Step 9: bottle and toast it with your friends.

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