Ginger ale

August 6, 2018


 This light bubbly soda is a great probiotic drink to help people with digestion problems. It can be a cool refreshing low calorie alternative to sugar laced soda as well.


Ingredients: Water, Ginger and sugar (some lime, salt and spices like cumin can also be infused as per taste)


Step 1: Prepare the ginger bud (take some peeled ginger, lime, in 10% sugar solution of water) wait for a couple of days for the natural fermentation to establish. then every 3rd day add some more sugar and move it to a glass jar. Essentially you are harvesting natural probiotic culture from ginger roots and developing them.


Step 2: After about two weeks you would have a bubbly ginger bud. Take a couple of teaspoon of bud in one liter of water. Add some sugar (~10%), spices and put it in an airtight bottle (swing top glass bottles are traditionally used)


Step 3: After 3-4 days you will get a fizzy white sour drink that is great as a thrist quencher in summers

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