Beetle leaf wine

May 4, 2018


Brewing time: 72 hours

Preparation time: 15 minutes



1. Tetra pack juice 1 liter (lichi, apple and other mild juice white/straw colored is preferred)

2. 2-5 beetle leaf (depends on taste, intensity and personal preference)

3. sugar 200gm per liter

4. Turbo Yeast



Balloon or airlock, 

A container to ferment (tetrapack bottle is good enough)

A straining cloth.



1. wash & blanch the beetle leaf

2. Crush them but don't make a chutney out of them

3. add it to the fruit juice

4. pour sugar & pitched yeast


After it starts bubbling, attach an airlock. In three days it should stop fermenting. Strain it, chill it and serve. Surprise your guest with this new Paan after a gourmet Indian meal.

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