April 5, 2018

A baby will crawl all over the courtyard, eat mud, lick his dirty hands (sometimes even footwear), tries to taste and sample everything that is around. Why? If these were bad for its health, then evolution would have ensured that such babies could never survive childhood and grow to become healthy individuals, putting and end to human race.

 Modern medicine and antibiotics is only a 20th Century phenomenon. Before that it was this sandpit & mud that kept us healthy.

Our surroundings has millions of microbes and most of them are harmless. While playing kids would ingest minute quantities of them. This helps in two ways:

1. The mother's womb and her milk are hermetically sterile by nature. So ingesting the environment helps humans introduce the microbes from the surroundings in a controlled manner. Helping build resistance.

2. Our skin & intestines have billions of orifice and spots for the microbes to attach. Kids through licking surfaces are able to ingest enough good bacteria in their body that harmful-disease causing bacteria will not be able to find enough foothold to grow-multiply and cause illness.


While cleanliness and hygiene are important, sanitation everything with anti-bacterial soaps, UV light and boiling water is often overdoing. It only weakens our immune system and promotes superbug (disease causing bacteria that are immune of antibiotics and antiseptic chemicals) Fermented food like probiotic  pickles(non-oil base), Sauerkraut and beverages like Kombucha and Kefir; are a very healthy & nutritious way of introducing cultures of good little organisms to your kid's gut biome. We at Arishtam have introduced a large collection of probiotic food for you.


We are conducting a workshop on 14th this month, to help you understand the nutritional benefits and its manufacturing process.




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