Date Wine (dried Khajoor)

March 16, 2018

Well this is from Dried Kajoor, and not an aphrodisiac that you were looking form However as you can see almost anything with sugar can be made into a delicious wine.


Step 1: Make a date syrup (faster if you can buy readymade date syrup) Take 2.5kg of dates (deseeded or without seeds does not make a difference)

Step 2: remove any insects or foreign particles from the dates. If you are using deseeded dates, break it down by hand or use a blade to chop it into smaller pieces. For the whole dates (as shown in the picture) you need to use a knife to make a cut (as long as you are able to break the skin of them it does not matter how big and where the cut is)

 Step 3: soak them in luke warm water overnight. Then take them in a pan and simmer them over low flame along with 5 liters of water. Do take care that the dates at the bottom of the pan don't get charred. If you are using too many of them then using a clothbag might be a good idea.

Step 4. Once you believe the pulp is sufficiently dissolved, strain the seeds away. rinse them once more in cold sterilized water to remove any trace of sugar and throw away the seeds.

Step 5: (Jump to this if you are using date syrup) chill the liquid and decant it into your fermenter. 

Step 6: Use a hydrometer and measure the original gravity and try to bring it between 1.09 and 1.1 range. (add water or sugar to achieve the desired alcohol range) You can also add some spices like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper

Step 7: Take 5gm of dry wine yeast, hydrate it in 50ml of 5% sugar solution for 30 minutes and pour the cream into your date syrup.

Step 8: Put an airlock and allow it ferment for about 7 days. Move to a secondary (removing any sediment) age for another 3 weeks (add isinglass, bentonite to accelerate clearing)

Step 9: after 4 weeks your wine should be ready. I back-sweeten this wine to get the right flavor.

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