Blonde Ale Beer Recipe

March 15, 2018

Recipe Size: 10 liters/20 pints (Or adjust according to the size of your batch) ABV: 5.96%

Ingredients: DME: 1.5Kg Crystal Malt: 250gm Yeast: 5 gm Magnum Hops: 25 gm Yeast nutrient: 1 tea spoon

It's a Blonde: Pretty, tasty and refreshing!


Equipment: -2 Brew Bags -1 Airlock with Grommet or Bung -1 Boiling Pot/Vessel (at least 11 liter in size) -1 Fermenter (at least 11 liter in size) -Food Thermometer -Water Cooler Jug or Thermos - Foodgrade siphon - Used plastic soft drink bottles to put 10 liters of beer in it or used beer bottles with crowns and a crown capper assembly.



1. Boil 3 liter water and cool. Put it in your freezer overnight to make sanitized ice.(better to make 1-2 liters extra just in case) 2. Sanitize everything that's going to touch your beer wort with Povidone Iodine solution. Check here to learn how to sanitize.


Brewing Process:

  1. Crush crystal malts roughly in a mixer blender for only 10-15 seconds(We don't want to powder it).

  2. Boil 1 liter water and set aside for 5 minutes. - Fill a brew bag with Crystal malts in a thermos or a water cooler jug and pour the hot water to it. - Add DME slowly while stirring to make sure there are no lumps. - Stir it well, close the lid and leave it for one hour to mash. - Drain the bag, transfer the liquid to a large 10 liter pot/vessel and add 6 liters water to that. Put it on a stove. Discard used grains.

  3. When the liquid(wort) reaches boiling point lower the flame and add 10gm hops to a brew bag.

  4. At 45 minutes add 10 gm hops.

  5. At 55 minutes mark add 5gm hops.

  6. At 60 minutes turn the stove off.

  7. Add 3 liters of previously made ice to the wort and keep stirring till it dissolves. Check the temperature with food thermometer. Once it dips bellow 22 degree Celsius transfer to your fermenter(add more ice if you have to). Discard used hops. Check here for information on brewing temperatures.

  8. Add 5gm brewers yeast and 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient. Put an airlock and bung/grommet on, move the fermenter to a cool dark place and let it ferment for 10-15 days or until the airlock stops showing any activity.

  9. Wait for two more days for the beer to settle. Add half a table spoon of powdered sugar to the finished beer.(don't add more than that or the bottles can burst) Fill your sanitized pet bottles and shut tight or fill your sanitized glass beer bottles and put crowns on them.

  10. Leave the bottle at room temperature for 7 to 15 days for the natural carbonation to happen inside the bottle.

  11. Transfer the bottles to a fridge.

  12. Most Important: Share the love! Pick a holiday, call your friends, open some chilled bottles of your homemade Blonde beer and boast like a gascon..










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