Fermentation is a 5,000 year old art which is a easy to practice, rewarding hobby. You can learn the skills of the trade by multiple ways:

  1. Reading a book on homebrewing (Our book Arishtam: is available on Kindle ebook & flipkart)
  2. Following the youtube channels on homebrewing
  3. Making friends with fellow brewers
  4. Attending a workshop or webinar on Homebrewing

Every first Saturday of the Month we are conducting a 3 hour homebrewing workshop. Do drop by to get your queries clarified. If you are looking for professional consultancy or personalized webinar do drop an email at [email protected] to schedule one.

Typical topics covered over a 3 hour workshop includes:

  1. Safety, Hygiene and sanitation
  2. Recipe selection & formulation for a craft beverage
  3. Packaging & presentation
  4. Making a trial batch
  5. Using Hydrometer, refractrometer and other instruments to control the batch
  6. Legal and regulatory aspects
  7. Q&A and getting doubts clarified.