brewing yeast thermometerbrewing yeast thermometer
Yeast Brewing Thermometer

Yeast Brewing Thermometer


30cm long thermometer for making yeast starter, hydrating yeast, and proofing/pinching of yeast. It can also be placed inside your fermenteration chamber to verify the temperature of your ferments. This mechanical device has a longer life and unlike the electronic meters, does not need any calibration, battery or repairs.

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Long stem Glass thermometer is for advanced brewers. It helps maintain the good health of the yeast cultures and fermentation.

Salient Features:

  1. Long stem: 30cm long. Therefore, ideal for big batches, yeast stir plate starters of 2-5 Liters.
  2. High accuracy: The same yeast exhibits different aromas and flavors at different fermentation temperatures. Low-temperature brewing leads to more spicy/clove flavors, while high temperature leads to more fruity/banana flavors. An accurate thermometer helps maintain an ideal brewing environment
  3. Calibration of fermentation chamber thermostat: Some traditional refrigerators have a dial-based thermostat. We can use a  thermometer to calibrate the low/medium/high cooling ranges to more measurable temperature ranges.
  4. Wide Range Scale: Ideal for measurement of -10 Degree Celsius to 50 Degree Celsius. We can use this  thermometer for a variety of operations ranging from the freezing of yeast in yeast banks to pasteurizing (killing off yeast)
  5. Microbe free Glass Body: The electronic thermometers have a metallic probe that is not easy to clean and requires frequent replacement. Compared to that this thermometer is easier to clean. Hence, it is suitable for your advanced food science projects.
  6. Long life: With no electronic or mechanical parts, these can be stuck to a corner of your fermentation chamber and will last a lifetime. No repair maintenance or calibration is required.
  7. Single Scale: It has only one Celsius scale. So there will never be any confusion on temperature readings. Also, this makes it easier to read the temperature for those with failing eyesight and advanced age.

Note: It is proudly made for India by Indians in India.

Beer Brewing Thermometer

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  1. I cancelled this item, as I thought I currently don’t need it. Price seems to be reasonable, may buy if required, after a few fermentations.

  2. Delivered completely broken

    • Yashvi we have refunded you for the thermometer

  3. The first time I ordered, I received a broken product. Reordered and still got a broken product again.
    Packaging could be done better for such fragile items. However customer support service was really good.

    • apologies for that. We have refunded you for the product

  4. Good as it is mentioned.

    • Thanks Antony

  5. its reached in broken conditions

    • Dinesh can you please email the picture of the packing and the product at [email protected]

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