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Brewing Thermometer: Wort Mashing Gauge
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Brewing Thermometer: Wort Mashing Gauge


Thermometer designed especially for the beer brewing process. It has a long 12 inches Stainless Steel 316 stem. This makes it ideal to attach to your brewing pot, mashing vessel to accurately measure the wort mashing temperature. It comes with a large 2-inch dial which makes reading of temperature very convenient.

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It is ideal for large-batch all-grain brewing. We can use it for a small 1 gallon (5 liters) batch and also in microbrewery where we can screw/attach it to the mashing kettle.

Designed especially for mid-aged brewers for hobby home brewing of beer

  1. The glass dial is a special heavy-duty anti-fog surface coating. It prevents moisture deposits from fogging out the large dial.
  2. The scale is in Degree Celsius only. So, no confusion about which temperature/scale one reads.
  3. Long stem means that it is easy to hold over the boiling wort without the risk of steam or heat burns.
  4. Requires no battery implying that it can operate for years without the need for calibration or repairs.
  5. No LCD screen. The problem with cheaper LCD thermometers is that the crystals get damaged and the screen becomes all black making it hard to read.
  6. Comes with a Stainless steel nut that can be attached to your brewing kettle or distillation pots permanently.

One Gauge Thermometer; a variety of uses:

  1. Laboratories that do distillation also find that gauge thermometer is more accurate than digital thermometers because of their longer life in high-temperature continuous operations over 2-8 hours.
  2. The long stem means that you can place it as is over the grain bed to find out the temperature of the center of your wort rather than an inaccurate top surface temperature.
  3. Rice wine Sake brewers find that the infrared or contactless thermometers cannot identify the rice grain bed temperatures accurately.  Measure the core temperature by piercing the long stem deep inside your grain.
  4. Mozzarella cheese in India is typically coming from boiled full-fat buffalo milk. Here we use this thermometer to calibrate the pasteurization equipment and to prevent frothing over of the large milk pots.

Most enzyme actions and biological transformations are very sensitive to temperature ranges. Hence, having an accurate thermometer is essential for consistent craft brewing.

PS: This is proudly made in India and not imported unlike the cheaper products in the market.

Beer Brewing Thermometer

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  1. Anand

    Does this thermometer come with a clamp/clip to attach it to the side of brew kettle/pot?

    • Ankur (store manager)

      Anand it is used in two ways:
      1. For large brew pots, you can use the drilled hole/temperature probe port. There is a nut and screw that will help you to affix the thermometer to the pot.
      2. For smaller pots (30 Liters or so) the large thermometer will fit into the grain bed and will be like a long stick/spoon protude out of the pot. no fitting needed.

  2. Goldy Grewal

    Is this included the coupling to attach and tight easily with any pot., because many pot’s r so think that u can’t screw this thermometer directly to it.

    • Ankur (store manager)

      Goldy the thermometer comes with a nut to attach to your brew kettle. However if you are making less than 30 liters batch, rather than screwing it, you can stick it right on the grain bed, the stem is awfully long to help make accurate measurements deep into the mashtun for your beer brewing

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