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Wine Thief – Glass Beer Sampler

Wine Thief – Glass Beer Sampler


Long glass tube to draw samples from your wine or beer fermenters. Pack contains:

  1. Long glass tube 25ml capacity (with graduated scale)
  2. Rubber bulb which allows you to suck samples without risking contamination from mouth sucking
  3. Hard plastic case for ease of storage. It is rectangular in cross section so that the thief does not roll off.
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One of the biggest problems with wine and fruit cider is the thick layer of floating pulp. This makes tasting, sampling, and clarity experiments difficult. The wine thief is ideal for those who want to make professional measurements and adjustments to their fresh ferments without risking oxidation or contamination of the batch.

Just dip the long glass tube to below the floating pulp level. Use the bulk/finger to draw the required sample. The graduated scale helps in adding a measured quantity of fining agents, solutions, and reagents to your batch. So this thief serves two purposes and is a must to have for winery and professional brewers.

6 reviews for Wine Thief – Glass Beer Sampler

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  1. Sujith (verified owner)

    happy with the purchase

    • Ankur (store manager)

      Thanks Surjith

  2. Deepak L. (verified owner)

    Awesome product

    • Ankur (store manager)

      Thank you Deepak

  3. Krish Appat (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  4. anuragabhyankar (verified owner)

    Received promptly. Quality is good however the rubber bulb is not in the package.

    • Ankur (store manager)

      apologies, we will ship a replacement tomorrow.

  5. Felix Dias (verified owner)

    As the quality of the wine thief is superb but I received it without rubber bulb

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