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Now pressing juice from grapes, apples or fruits cannot be easier. No more bitter taste due to seeds being crushed in the juicer.

Made of Beechwood and Cast iron.

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Have bulk grapes or fruit pulp to process but extracting the last drop of juice from the skin and the pulpy residue is a problem?

Well, this wine press comes to the rescue. It is a large size of 12L which is designed for winery batches between 50 Liters to 300 Liters.

Step 1: Clean and sanitize your winepress.

Step 2: Assemble it and put the white muslin cloth liner

Step 3: pour your must (3-7 day days old fermenting grape juice) in your press. Collect the liquid that drips off on its own and top it up with more must.

Step 4: Once the press bucket can hold no more, put in the wooden lid and start screwing the lid down. Press till you can squeeze no more.

Step 5: wait for a couple of minutes for the juices from the press to completely drain off and then try to press once more. If the quantity of pulp is too little, place the 2 wooden bars vertically for a deeper squeeze or top it up with more must/fruits to be squeezed.

Step 6: Empty the seeds and skin in the compost bucket and start working with the remaining liquid.

It is recommended to use this compost back in your vineyard. This way you can establish a healthy biome of your yeast.

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  1. Pressing plate already warped after single use. Difficult to set pressing plates. plates does not reach bottom. Unable to press 10 kg grapes fully. please supply with longer wooden fitting which takes pressing plates up to bottom.

    • there are wooden blocks. You need to place them vertically for the pressing to reach the bottom of the grapes bucket in the wine press

  2. Looks cool, packing also good

    • Thanks Andrew

  3. Structure is sturdy and good quality except for the wood, it has already cracked after washing it and using it for the first time.

    • Richard sorry about this. Can you please email us the pictures of the product.

  4. superb

    • Thanks Ranga

  5. Best available product and having very reasonable price compare to other brand available in Indian market.

    • Thanks Satya

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