Wine Bladder 3L: Wine in a box

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Capacity 3 Liters (equal to 4 regular bottles)

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Have you had your red wine oxidize and turn golden or sour? Do you struggle finishing an opened wine bottle before it goes bad?

Wine bladder is just the solution for you. It allows you to conveniently fill and store your home brew in bulk foils. The tap ensures that you can sample out 1/2 or even 1/4 of a glass without risking oxidation that happens in an otherwise open wine bottle.

We sell the silver bladder only. The transparent wine bladder does not provide the same UV and heat degradation protection that is needed for Indian Conditions. The carton box shown in the picture has to be easily arranged at your end. You can get some fancy logo printed on it as well to make it more desirable.

It saves the weight and hassle of fragile glass bottle transport. This bladder is ideal to send your beverages to FSSAI accredited lab for testing via couriers. It comes with a tamper proof seal on the tap for just that purpose. If you are sending samples via courier then please fill the bag with 3X750ml bottles instead of the usual 4X750ml bottles and packed inside a strong carton box which does not crumple during transit.

Do remember that:

  1. Although its technical name is wine bladder, it is ideal for non alcoholic probiotic
  2. Please ensure that the beverage is filtered sediment otherwise the tap might choke.
  3. Ensure that the beverage is not filled under pressure. (carbonated drinks put unnecessary pressure on the bag)
  4. This bladder is for one time use only because it comes with a tamper-proof sealing.
  5. They come in food grade metallized aseptic plastic so normally 2nd round of sanitization is not required. However we recommend to purge the bladder with CO2 before filling to reduce oxidation and improve shelf life.
  6. Please contact your local carpenter to make the jig in the picture. (it is a semi circle in a metal/acrylic plastic sheet)

Please note that most couriers require you to declare liquid, fragile or alcohol items before shipping. So please be mindful of such restrictions and legality of shipping alcohol.

Please email us for a special price if you are ordering more than 1000 pcs.

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  1. Kusum Agarwal

    no more oxidation of wines. do you have something similar for beers?

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