Red Wine for Beginner with Glass Fermenter
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Red Wine for Beginner with Glass Fermenter

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Ideal wine kit for making up to 2.5 Liters (3-4 Bottles) of high alcohol 15% wine from fresh fruits. You can use Black Grapes, Seedless Green Grapes, or fruits and berries to make a decent sweet wine for everyday consumption. The kit has fining agents to make an extra clear wine for bragging to your friends & relatives over Instagram/Facebook.

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Red Wine From Grapes in a Bharani for beginners

This kit can be used to make Grape wine, Fruit Cider Wine, Sparkling wine and Sweet wine.

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  1. Wine Yeast: 1gm per liter is recommended.
  2. Fermenter with Airlock 
  3. Campden: 1 tablet = 0.5gm of Potassium Meta Bisulphite powder
  4. Pectinase Enzyme: Use about 0.5-1gm per kg of fruit
  5. Yeast Nutrient: 0.25 to 0.5gm per liter
  6. Siphon
  7. Bentonite Powder: Use in primary fermentation

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  1. International quality

    • Thank you Kadhirmani.

  2. i feel like a kid in a candyshop

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