Baijiu, Whiskey, Vodka Liquor Yeast: Moonshine


Omni-purpose multipurpose yeast designed for converting any form of starch (rice, potato, tubers, wheat, cracked corn, barley, millets). It first converts to a 12-15% strong liquor which can later be distilled to produce whiskey or vodka.

Just crush the grains. No mashing, heating or sanctification is required.

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Instructions for 1kg of grain

Mill grain to size to suit your usual Sparging method, generally smaller is better for maximum conversion. You can use Poha or rice/corn flakes as well.

Mix grain with 2.5-3L of hot water (Boiling hot is best), keep mixing frequently to prevent sedimentation.

Optional – Hydrate the 5gm yeast in 250-500ml volume of 35C water.

As with normal mashing, corn requires more time at higher temperatures, the best results have been obtained by actually boiling the corn and then letting it naturally cool to pitching temperature. Leaving it wrapped in insulation longer will help achieve optimal results. We are currently exploring if a higher dose of yeast will reduce the heating/mashing requirements with corn.

After the temperature has naturally cooled to about 32C (Don’t chill it, the rest time lets some of the starch break down), add another 5-8g of Angel Yeast, Stir through well.

Mix twice every day in the first three days.

Control the temperature to be in the 28-36C range, the optimal fermentation temperature is around 32c, Max you should let it get to is 38C, If the mash gets below 26C consider adding insulation to your fermenter, it will work at lower temps, but the ranges mentioned are optimized for speedy alcohol conversion.

8-15 day ferments are normal with shorter and longer times possible due to local water supply, the grain used, and so on. SG readings are of no use due to the cooperative way the yeast works with the enzymes over the full time of the ferment. It is finished when there is no activity for 2-3 days, a sour smell is quite normal and won’t affect flavor after distillation.

Sparge and Run!

1. The fermentation that adopts the raw material of rice can adopt granular grain or broken rice to directly ferment, however, the fermentation cycle shall be appropriately prolonged.
2. The fermentation cycle is related to raw material type, raw material reduction degree, distiller’s yeast dosage, and fermentation temperature. The fermentation cycle of general raw materials shall be short when the reduction degree is small, and the distiller’s yeast consumption is high; contrarily, the fermentation cycle shall be longer.

How To Make & Distill Rice Wine

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  1. Good quality, works well

    • Thanks Anson

  2. Works very nice

    • Thank you for the feedback…

  3. I haven’t tested the product yet. But I give them 5* for their reliability.

    • thanks Ralte

  4. Good product.will ferment anything like rice,corn,millet.have enzymes included.

  5. Good product, does what it says.

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