Tempeh Tempe Starter Culture

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Homemade sugar-free protein bars for Keto diet. Aspergillus oryzae spores for tempeh Indonesian probiotic food. Low Calorie, high protein keto diet, DIY fermented food from Indonesia.

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Live Tempah koji culture. It can also be used for miso paste, homemade soya sauce, and a variety of Asian soybean-based ferments as well. This creamy fermented beans is tasty, has easy to digest natural proteins without the associated carbs that are found in plant/whey protein. It is important for those on a vegan or ketogenic diet. Also, Aspergillus oryzae helps mitigate indigestion that many sportspersons face during their high protein diet training.
This 8gm of starter is good for about 1kg of tempeh. For the detailed recipe and video instructions refer to this link

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  1. Ankur (store manager)

    a very simple recipe and nutritious too

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