Rice Wine Saki Koji 8gm

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Pakhala, Japanese Sake, rice wine, soy ferment. This koji (also known as Chinese yeast ball) can be used for a variety of Asian ferments.

The pack contains both koji (aspergillius mold) and yeast to make a mild alcoholic gruel or cloudy sake wine. The koji converts starch into sweet fermentable sugar. The yeast improves the taste by converting the sugars into alcohol.

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Rice wine koji can be used in a variety of Asian and Northeast alcohol fermentation (rice beer). Koji can be used to ferment any grain-based substrate (rice, starch, lentils, soya-bean etc.) which is not malted and has no amylase enzymes. It will produce very exciting and different results. It is a must to have if you plan to experiment with Asian cuisine. You can make rice wine saki, miso, tempeh and most Asian ferments. Please choose between sweet aromatic sake and dry rice wine.

Rice wine koji is a perfect substitute for Chinese yeast ball. Unlike rice wine yeast balls, this koji was prepared in a lab under stringent hygienic conditions for consistent quality. You can use it in place of Chinese yeast balls as well for most probiotic rice preparations.

Even traditional Indian probiotic preparation like Pakhala, curd rice can be given the much-needed zing by using this yeast culture.

Comes in two variants Rice Leaven Flavor and Rice Leaven Sweet (dry is the picture on left and sweet is on right). If you want to increase the alcohol content, then we recommend you to add about 60gm sugar per liter and some regular wine yeast.

Some sample recipes:

  1. Sake/Torani
  2. Miso
  3. Tempah
  4. Tongba
  5. Pahala

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FAQ (3)

Typically bottled home brew beer has a shelf life of 6 months. However, most home-brew beer is consumed within a week to a month of bottling or kegging. However, some people regularly store homebrew beer for up to 6 months successfully. Beyond this, the beer is still safe for consumption, just that it will not taste fresh. However, a couple of factors need to be taken into account to determine the shelf life.

  1. Storage temperature: Beer is like wine, higher the temperature the faster is the degradation in flavors.
  2. UV light: Even a couple of hours in direct sunlight can ruin a perfectly fresh beer
  3. Packaging: Microbrewery Growlers don’t last 2 days because the beer was oxidized during filling. If you see packaging in proper crown sealed glass bottles or stainless steel kegs, 6-12 months life is easy
  4. Oxidation: Once you open the bottle, drink within an hour.

Koji has its origin in Japan. It is used extensively in making Sake. After the fermentation is over, the Brewmaster would collect the rice inoculated with the yeast. He would dry and powder the spores for his next batch.

Chinese Rice Ball, as the name suggest has its origin in China. After the fermentation is over, the brewmaster would collect the residue. It would be dried and shaped into small balls (laddoo) which is then used for the next batch.

In terms of ability, both the strains can convert starch to simpler sugars and alcohol. Hence, for an amateur sake brewer, one could use the Koji to make Chinese rice wine. Also, similarly one could use Chinese rice yeast balls to make Koji.

One can unfortunately not use Baker’s yeast or wine yeast or beer yeast to make rice wine. The reason being that these yeast don’t have the Alpha amylase enzyme needed to convert starch into sugar.

There is a huge variety of rice wine and traditions. Some like it tart, some sweet. Some like it filtered while most like it milky white. Some like it plain, while some infuse spices and a lot of people infuse flowers (floral aromas). It is hard to generalize the taste and flavors of rice. However, in general, it is a slightly tart, mildly sweet, and alcoholic beverage.

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