Rice Wine Saki Koji 8gm

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Pakhala, Japanese Sake, rice wine, soy ferment. This koji (also known as Chinese yeast ball) can be used for a variety of Asian ferments.

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Rice wine koji is used in a variety of Asian and Northeast alcohol fermentation (rice beer). Koji can be used to ferment any grain-based substrate (rice, starch, lentils, soya-bean etc.) which is not malted and has no amylaze enzymes. It will produce very exciting and different results. It is a must to have if you plan to experiment with Asian cuisine. You can make rice wine saki, miso, tempeh and most Asian ferments. Please choose between sweet aromatic sake and dry rice wine.

Rice wine koji is a perfect substitute for Chinese yeast ball. Unlike rice wine yeast balls, this koji was prepared in a lab under stringent hygienic conditions for consistent quality. You can use it in place of Chinese yeast balls as well for most probiotic rice preparations.

Even traditional Indian probiotic preparation like Pakhala, curd rice can be given the much-needed zing by using this yeast culture.

Comes in two variants dry and sweet (dry is the picture on left and sweet is on right)

Some sample recipes:

  1. Sake/Torani
  2. Miso
  3. Tempah
  4. Tongba
  5. Pahala

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  1. Chaitra Joshi (verified owner)

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  2. Sourabh K

    This is professional product with high quality output. Definitely happy. Prices very attractive. This marketplace is more of an art then just a business . Sake koji definitely a classical for us in my area. Would be inviting friends over for some food and divine liquids. Thanks Ankur.

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    • Ankur (store manager)

      Thank you sir. we are happy to be part of your home brew party

  3. Sonam Agarwal

    making sake was so easy.. unbelievable

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